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Jamal Adams (in his own words) 04.27.17

In our pre-draft issue of Jets Confidential, we ran a column from Jamal Adams in his own words. Here it is . . .

“Leadership is definitely my main thing. On the field, I can play everything in the back end, whether that’s covering in the slot, whether that’s playing [man-to-man], whether that’s being in the A and B gap, filling that hole, or locking down tight ends. I feel like I’m versatile to play everything in the back end, and that’s what makes me a special player.

“I get classified as a box safety which is not something that I like, but I understand, because I like being around the ball. I like making plays on the ball. I like making impact plays for the team.

“I feel like I’m the best guy in the draft, I definitely feel like I should be a No. 1 pick.

“I think the game is starting to change scheme-wise. We’re starting to have tight ends that can run now. As you see, my man Evan (Engram) from Ole Miss went 4.42. OJ (Howard) as well, 4.51. The game is changing. You need safeties that can do everything in the back end, can cover, can tackle.

“A lot of people think, due to [my father George Adam’s] pedigree, that football was kind of pushed my way. But I kind of played everything growing up. I kind of fell in love with the game at age 5, really. He just really stressed staying focused, trusting the process, and doing what I do. I love football. That’s my passion.

“I like to steal pieces of [top safeties] to add to my game. Tyrann (Mathieu), Bob Sanders, Sean Taylor. Those guys are who I look up to. Those are guys that play the game the right way. One day, hopefully I can be just like them, making impact plays.

“[Being a DB at LSU] was huge. Even coming out, picking a college, it was definitely huge. It is DBU. There’s no other school (like it). That pedigree. It’s a brotherhood, it’s a fraternity forever.

“When I step on the field, I’m passionate about what I do. I thank the man above for everything he’s blessed me with. When I’m on the field, I give glory to him. I go all-out, because you never know when that last play can be.”

One mock draft that might mean a little regarding Jets 04.26.17

IMO, most mock draft are useless. It’s just people guessing as to what might happen. But the one mock draft that might mean a little something in regards to the Jets’ first round pick is from NFL.com’s Charley Casserly.

After all, he’s Mike Maccagnan’s mentor and helped him get the Jets’ GM job.

Maccagnan worked for Casserly’s personnel departments in both Washington and Houston.

So Casserly not only speaks to Mr. Coffee all the time, but he knows how his protege thinks.

In his latest mock draft, Casserly has the Jets picking Ohio State cornerback Marshon Lattimore with the sixth pick.

“Jets get a No. 1 cornerback to fill a major need,” Casserly wrote under the pick.

If Lattimore’s hamstrings check out with the Jets’ medical staff, this pick would make a lot of sense.

The Jets’ biggest weakness last season was pass defense, which isn’t a good thing in a passing league, and when you’re in Tom Brady’s division.

So Lattimore, who has lock down cornerback potential, is a pick that would make sense.

I’m not saying that Casserly knows for sure what the Jets are going to do, but he certainly has a great feel for Maccagnan’s mindset.

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If he’s there, this player is the perfect pick for the Jets . . . 04.25.17

The Jets have a chance to get a difference-maker at six, and if this guy slips to them, he could be perfect . . .

*Q)What are your best attributes?

Jamal Adams – LSU safety: Leadership is definitely my main one. As well as on the field, I can play everything in the back end, whether that’s covering in the slot, whether that’s playing man-free, whether that’s being in the A and B gap, filling that hole, or locking down tight ends.

I feel like I’m versatile to play everything in the back end, and that’s what makes me a special player.

Q)Do you feel you are a top five players in the draft?

Adams: Most definitely. I feel like I’m the best guy in the draft, I definitely feel like I should be a No. 1 pick, so top 5, that’s definitely in the range.

Q)The importance of safeties in today’s NFL game . . .

Adams: I think the game is starting to change scheme-wise, passing. We’re starting to have tight ends that can run now. My man Evan (Engram) from Ole Miss went 4.42. The game is changing. O.J. (Howard) as well, 4.51. You need safeties that can do everything in the back end, can cover, can tackle.

Q)Where do you think you might go?

Adams: I don’t really get into the whole match of what teams need. I’m going to get the phone call, and whoever it (is) is going to get a special person.

Q)How much has your father (former Giants RB George Adams) helped prepare you?

Adams: A lot of people, due to his pedigree, think that football was kind of pushed my way. But I kind of played everything growing up and I kind of fell in love with the game at age 5, really. He just really stressed staying focused, trusting the process, and doing what I do. I love football. That’s my passion.

Q)How tough was it to tackle Leonard Fournette in practice?

Adams: He’s a great back. I’ve got that question so many times is college. We go at it. He’s got the best of me, and I’ve got the best of him.

Q)Some view you as a box safety . . .

Adams: My game, I can speak for me. I can play everything in the back end. Coming down in the slot, come down on the tight end and cover. I can fill that A and B gap. Be in the box. I can also play man-free. I feel I can play everything in the back end. I get classified as a box safety which is not something that I like, but I understand, because I like being around the ball. I like making plays on the ball.

*Press conference

If Jets trade down, this CB is a possibility for Gang Green 04.23.17

The Jets are likely going to add a cornerback high in the 2017 draft. If they trade down from six, this is a player they could consider . . .

*Q)What do the teams like about you?

Tre’Davious White – LSU CB: A lot of teams like my versatility, I was fortunate enough to have a great coach, Corey Raymond at LSU. He let us know right off the bat we weren’t going to be a guy who plays just one position. You’ve got to know all three positions in the defensive backfield. I thank him for that.

Q)What have teams said about your run support?

White: A lot of guys have their questions, have a lot of things to work on. I know tackling is an attitude. I bring that attitude. It’s definitely something I’m going to keep working on in the future.

Q)Did LSU help prepare you for the NFL?

White: Fortunately I come form LSU and the transition’s not going to be that difficult. We ran pretty much like the NFL. I was fortunate enough to have a great coach in Corey Raymond. You have to be able to do it all and be football smart.

Q)Did having three defensive coordinators in three years help you?

White: Absolutely. It was a test. That’s probably how the NFL is. Coaches come and go. It’s all about how you respond to adversity. I responded well. I was able to play great for all three guys.

Q)LSU has a great DB tradition . . .

White: It’s the coaching. It’s a standard we have, older guys coming back looking after the younger guys that are playing right now. We hold each guy to that standard so those guys know what to expect once they get to LSU. They’re expected to play on an island. If they can’t play on that island they’re probably not going to want you.

*Press conference

If the Jets trade back, this corner makes sense 04.21.17

If the Jets trade back in the first round, this guy is a cornerback they could consider. Here is a Q-and-A with him . . .

*Q)What’s your best attribute?

Gareon Conley – Ohio State cornerback: The ability to play press man and versatility at nickel and corner.

Q)Marshon Lattimore and Malik Hooker are only one-year starters who are projected top 5 or 10 picks while you are the veteran who isn’t projected to go quite as high. Your thoughts?

Conley: I knew that before they shot up [in] the media. I knew that from past years, camp, spring ball, how they work and just getting to know them. They’re like my brothers and they deserve everything they’re getting right now.

Q)Do you feel overshadowed or forgotten about compared to those two?

Conley: I don’t feel forgotten about. I embrace everything I get and take advantage of everything I get and that I’ve been given. I congratulate them for everything they’ve been given, too.

Q)Your room at OSU is known as DBU (Defensive Backs U). What does that mean to you?

Conley: It feels good that all of our hard work is getting shown and published out there. We played at a high level and it feels good that we accomplished that and we’re getting talked about it for that.

Q)Do you feel mentally and physically prepared for the next step?

Conley: The challenges they’ve given us (at Ohio State) we overcame, like practices being harder
than games, has really prepared us well.

My mental toughness and ability to handle adversity on and off the field sets me apart.

Q)What NFL player does your style resemble?

Conley: That’s hard to say. I’d say Aqib Talib. He varies his technique and I try to vary my technique.

Q)What has enabled Ohio State to have so many good corners in recent years?

Conley: I feel like just the culture and program itself, just the way things were run there like practices. Everything you do, you’ve got to give your maximum effort and I feel like there’s a high standard. There’s no medium, average or low standard. There’s such a high standard that you’ve got to compete with people that are just as good as you so you’ve got to outwork them.

*Press conference

CBS has the most NFL games this year 04.21.17



Thursday Night Football Once Again Helps Launch CBS’s Fall Primetime Schedule

For the fourth consecutive year CBS Sports will televise more NFL games than any other Network with two NFL television packages, THE NFL ON CBS on Sundays and Thursday Night Football.

THE NFL ON CBS Sunday schedule is highlighted by nine doubleheader weekends with marquee match-ups in the 4:25 PM, ET national window, the highest-rated and most-watched NFL television window, as well as CBS’s annual Thanksgiving Day broadcast featuring the Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys at 4:30 PM, ET. THE NFL ON CBS kicks off Week 1 on Sunday, Sept. 10. In addition, CBS will televise 10 games featuring the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

Football starts on CBS with the Thursday night primetime package, which this year features five consecutive games beginning September 28 with Chicago at Green Bay. With the five games scheduled for the launch of the Fall Television season, Thursday Night Football will once again help launch CBS’s new primetime schedule.

Other Schedule Highlights include:
Cincinnati at Green Bay – Sunday, Sept. 24 – 4:25 PM, ET
New England at Tampa Bay – Thursday, Oct. 5 – 8:25 PM, ET (TNF)
Philadelphia at Carolina – Thursday, Oct. 12 – 8:25 PM, ET (TNF)
Miami at Atlanta – Sunday, Oct. 15 – 1:00 PM, ET
Pittsburgh at Kansas City – Sunday, Oct. 15 – 4:25 PM, ET
Kansas City at Oakland – Thursday, Oct. 19 – 8:25 PM, ET (TNF)
Seattle at New York Giants – Sunday, Oct. 22 – 4:25 PM, ET
Kansas City at Dallas – Sunday, Nov. 5 – 4:25 PM, ET
New England at Oakland – Sunday, Nov. 19 – 4:25 PM, ET from Mexico City
New England at Pittsburgh – Sunday, Dec. 17 – 4:25 PM, ET

In addition to the AFC package, THE NFL ON CBS schedule once again features NFC crossover-flex games including Seattle at Los Angeles Rams (October 8), Seattle at New York Giants (October 22) and Minnesota at Carolina (December 10). The regular-season schedule is followed by a post-season slate of AFC Playoff games including a Wild Card Playoff game, two Divisional Playoff games and the AFC Championship game on January 21, 2018.

This year marks the CBS Television Network’s 58th year broadcasting the NFL, as well as the fourth season of partnership between CBS and NFL Network in televising Thursday Night Football.

*Press release

Miami Dolphins schedule information 04.21.17

*MIAMI – The Miami Dolphins announced their 2017 schedule. The team will kick off the 2017 season at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 10 at 1 p.m. against Tampa Bay. It is just the second time since 2011 the Dolphins have opened the season at home.

The Dolphins are scheduled to have four primetime games, the most since the 2004 season, including three in a row from Weeks 8-10. It is the first time in franchise history the team will play three straight primetime games. Miami will first appear in primetime on Thursday Night Football in Week 8 (Oct. 26) at Baltimore. In Week 9 (Nov. 5), the Dolphins will host Oakland on Sunday Night Football. The following week will feature Miami at Carolina on Monday Night Football on Nov. 13. The Dolphins will also play on Monday Night Football in Week 14 (Dec. 11) when they host New England.

Miami’s home schedule features an impressive slate of opponents, including the past two Super Bowl champions – Denver and New England. The seven teams the Dolphins will host at Hard Rock Stadium were a collective 65-47 last year and all but two of them had winning records in 2016.

As a whole, the Dolphins will play the AFC and NFC champions from each of the past two seasons – Denver, New England, Carolina and Atlanta. Of Miami’s 16 games, three will come against teams that played in Super Bowl LI, five will be against 2016 playoff teams and eight will take place against teams with a winning record last season.

Miami will travel to London for a regular-season game for the fourth time in team history and kick off at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time on Oct. 1 vs. New Orleans. Miami won a 2014 meeting with Oakland at Wembley Stadium but fell short in a 2007 meeting with the New York Giants and a 2015 showdown against the New York Jets.

The Dolphins will also play two road games in new NFL venues. In Week 2 (Sept. 17), the Dolphins will play the Chargers at StubHub Center in the Chargers’ first regular season home game since returning to Los Angeles. In Week 6 (Oct. 15), Miami will play in Atlanta’s brand new venue, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Dolphins also announced dates and times for their four preseason games. The first game vs. Atlanta will be played on Aug. 10 at 7 p.m. In Week 2, the Dolphins will host Baltimore on Aug. 17 at 7 p.m. The team will play at Philadelphia in Week 3 on Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. before wrapping up the preseason at Minnesota in Week 4 on Aug. 31 at 8 p.m.

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Malik Hooker on playing in pain for his teammates 04.19.17

Ohio State safety Malik Hooker is a possibility for the Jets at six. Here are some of his thoughts on his injuries and interceptions . . .

*Malik Hooker – Ohio State Safety: I had surgery Jan. 16, I’m recovering a lot faster than they thought. I’m looking forward to coming back around rookie camp.

Q)How did injury affect you on the field for OSU last season?

Hooker: The injury happened Nov. 26 in the game against the team up north. When that happened, I didn’t really notice it until after the game. After the game, I couldn’t really walk, I was limping. In practice that week, I wasn’t able to run as well and I just kept playing through it. I played the Clemson game with the injury as well.

Q)Did you consider not playing?

Hooker: No, that was never a thought.


Hooker: Just because I put too much work in with those guys, and it would’ve been like I was letting them down, you know. We went through the offseason, the grind, I feel like everything that I worked for in the offseason and that we worked for as a team, that would’ve been thrown away if I didn’t go out there and compete with those guys.

Q)Did it hurt in Clemson game?

Hooker: It did, but I took a lot of Ibuprofen. I was just going out there, trying to compete and getting the win for the team.

Q)How many Ibuprofen did it take to get INT against Clemson?

Hooker: About six. It took about six. I went out there early before the game and started, and I had the PT look at it before I went out there and started working out on the field. I just got it real loose, got it as loose as I can and tried to mentally block that out of my mind.

Q)You didn’t consider sitting out bowl game because of injury?

Hooker: Before even looking into my future, there’s just so much that you put into a program like that. So for me to automatically say I’m not playing because I’m a top 10 pick or whatever the scenario may be, I feel like it’s not fair to Ohio State and the guys I worked with because I was there in the offseason working hard with them, I was there in the rough part of the program, so I feel like it was what I had to do. I feel like I owed that to those guys and I definitely don’t like sitting out, especially at a time like that when you’re working for a national championship, big game against one of the top competitive teams in college football. I feel like it was a no-brainer that I was playing.

Q)Sports hernia and labrum?

Hooker: Yes. I had a torn labrum in my left hip and I had a sports hernia on both sides.

Q)What was key to getting so many INTs?

Hooker: Just having the mindset that any ball that’s in the air, it’s my ball. I feel like I’m a playmaker. Any time I had a chance to make a play or change momentum of a game, I took it upon myself to do so.

*Press Conference

Webb working with former pro QB to transition from spread 04.17.17

The Jets recently met with California quarterback Davis Webb, who actually played at Texas Tech with Patrick Mahomes. Here is a Q-and-A with Webb . . .

*Q)What was it like training with former NFL QB and coach Jim Zorn?

Davis Webb – QB – Cal: I’m a coach’s kid. I want to be a coach one day after I’m done playing, so I’ve always been a fan of coaches throughout high school, college and the NFL, so I knew who Jim Zorn was. I watched Steve Largent’s “A Football Life.” He’s on that. So I’m a football fanatic. It’s such an honor to be with him every day. It’s been a blessing.

Q)What is your relationship like with former Texas Tech teammate Patrick Mahomes?

Webb: We were at Texas Tech. He got there a little late – I think July. It was my job to take him under my wing and get him ready for the offense.
We had like six quarterbacks transfer from Texas Tech. Patrick and I are very close today. We text throughout the year. He was watching my games late at night at Cal. And I was watching his games in the morning. I look forward to seeing where he goes. It’ll be a lot of fun.

Q)Where do you think you might go in the draft?

Webb: I’m going to be the best quarterback I can be. I can’t control that kind of stuff. My preparation is the only thing on my mind and I try to be the best version of myself I can be and once my opportunity comes, make the most of it.

Q)Transitioning to pro-style offense from college spread . . .

Webb: Coach Zorn and I have been doing everything from talking about huddles to talking about plays, talking about the verbiage of plays and the defenses. I have a great foundation.

*Press Conference

Thoughts from Mitchell Trubisky – Part II 04.13.17

*Q)Do you believe you can start right away on the NFL level?

Mitchell Trubisky – UNC QB: I do and that’s one of the things that’s out of my control once again. So I’m going to go in there whatever organization selects me, I’m going to go in there and compete. I’m going to try to learn the system as fast as possible. I mean that’s what you’ve got to do.

Q)Why was this right time for you to go to the NFL?

Trubisky: I just feel like the season I had last year and what I’ve shown on film and what I’m able to do that I have the tools to be successful in the NFL. So I’ve been really well prepared at North Carolina, and I think my game is ready to take that next step.

You’ve just got to go in, earn the respect of the guys around you and pick it up as fast as possible. You want to show that you can play from day one but it’s going to be up to the coaches when they’re going to put you in.

Q)How did you improve your game when you weren’t starting your first two years?

Trubisky: Put in the extra time even though you’re not getting the reps in practice with the ones. I would stay after practice and throw to the receivers, throw a lot in the summer and watch extra film.

Nobody watched more film than I did in college, just talking from my team’s standpoint and just being prepared, being a student of the game, helping the starter, telling him what I saw, just taking every reps and not taking anything for granted.

Q)What were your college film sessions like?

Trubisky: Long. They were long. A lot of them. They were good. The thing is when you’re not starting, you learn from the starter’s mistakes. So whatever he did in the game, I’ve got to make sure I’m not making the same mistake, and I think I did a good job doing that ’cause you can learn from other people’s mistakes pretty much in any business or occupation.

Q)Have teams expressed concern to you about your limited starts?

Trubisky: I don’t think that’s a big concern from the teams that I’ve talked to so far.
They could tell I know the game very well, they’re impressed with my tape and I’m just trying to show them what kind of person I am.

Q)What game tapes best show your potential?

Trubisky: I’d probably say Florida State, that was one of my best games and then Pitt and then Virginia Tech and Miami, maybe in that order. So we played some very good defenses this year, like Florida State, Miami and I got better as the year went along.

*Press conference

Trubisky felt he was the better QB 04.12.17

*Q)Why did it take you so long to become the starter at North Carolina?

Mitchell Trubisky – UNC Quarterback: It was just the head coach’s decision. He had previous experience the year before when I was still redshirting so they elected not to pull my redshirt even though I won the second spot as a freshman coming in there.

So we competed. I wasn’t given the spot even though I thought I was the better quarterback deep down and I knew I could do the same things if not better and help our team. But it wasn’t my call. It was out of my control.

So I just did what I could for the team. I did my job when I was called upon and we won a lot of games with Marquise [Williams]. He was the guy in front of me.

Q)What would you reaction be if your hometown Browns drafted you?

Trubisky: I’m going to excited wherever I go. I have a lot of pride of where I’m from that being my hometown, but no matter what team selects me I’m going to be super excited. I’m going to work as hard possible wherever I go.

Q)What do you think the pressure would be for a hometown guy getting drafted maybe No. 1 trying to save franchise?

Trubisky: There’s going to be pressure pretty much everywhere you go. There’s exterior pressure, but there’s not more pressure than the one I put on myself. Nobody can put more pressure on me than myself, and I expect more out of myself than anybody else. So that’s kind of how I go about my business.

Q)Do you get asked a lot of questions on why you only started one season in college?

Trubisky: Yeah, definitely. That’s a question everybody’s asking. I think I definitely have enough experience. I only have 13 starts but I played in 30 games. I’ve come in off the bench and I’ve seen significant time.

I was prepared really well at North Carolina by coach [Keith] Heckendorf, a really good quarterbacks coach, and I’ve studied the game. I’m a student of the game.

I feel like I’m in a really good spot right now to take my game to the next level, and I feel really confident.

Q)What were you able to learn during your two years of being a backup?

Trubisky: It taught me a lot of different things just about life and adversity in general. I mean not everything is going to go your way, especially when you deserve something. So being on the bench taught me how to be a better teammate.
I found other ways to get better. I found other ways to push my teammates and be a leader even though you’re not in that starting position and I think it’s helped build me into the person I am today.

*Press Conference

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Q-and-A with Marshon Lattimore 04.11.17

*Q)What was the turning point, where you felt your health issues were finally behind you?

Marshon Lattimore – Ohio State: After camp (last summer), where I felt most comfortable where I was at. I made it through a whole camp. The previous two years I didn’t make it through three days of practice. Just to make it through the whole camp I knew I had good hopes of a good season.

Q)What was the key to having a healthy season – is some of it luck?

Lattimore: Just doing something different. It’s not luck at all. I did yoga, I did extra strengthening exercise. It’s not luck, no.

Q)How is your hamstring?

Lattimore: I’m a hundred percent right now.

Q)Ohio State has become a factory for cornerbacks. What have you learned from the guys before you?

Lattimore: I played with Eli (Apple), so I learned a lot from him. I learned a lot from Bradley Roby at camp, I wasn’t there when he was there, so I just talked to him, asked him about certain techniques. They give me feedback all the time, even with Gareon [Conley], he started a year before I did, so I look to all of them for help.

Q)Do you think you could be a top five pick?

Lattimore: I got the confidence that I’m one of the best, but I had to get healthy enough to show that I’m one of the best and that’s what I did this year.

Q)How tough was that stretch where you had trouble staying healthy?

Lattimore: It was frustrating. But all the coaches were telling me I had a bright future so stick with it. I talked to my parents a lot about it. They always keep me up.

Q)What kept you motivated during the down time?

Lattimore: Just knowing where I came from. That’s what motivated me the most. Knowing I don’t want to go back there, I want to do it for someone more than me, my mother, my whole family.

*Press Conference

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Jets CB on Revis, “If you watched his film, he was playing great.” 04.10.17

A current Jets cornerback had high praise for Darrelle Revis and feels Revis is still one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

“At the beginning of the year he had some troubles,” Buster Skrine said on the NFL Network. “Then as the year went on, if you watched his film, he was playing great. When you are the best, you’re gonna be critiqued to the fullest, they’re gonna knick-knack everything. I still think Revis is one of the best corners to play right now. … He can still play. He should still get a good deal. I think he’s one of the better corners in the league.”

Skrine feels Revis taught his fellow defensive backs about the art of hitting.

“Revis is definitely a technician. He’s one of the smarter players I’ve ever played around. He’s one of them guys who’s real welcoming. He taught everybody in that secondary how to hit better, how to take your game to another level. Him leaving the team, sad. You just have to let him go play. Revis has a lot left in the tank. I know he’s been down in Florida training, he’s started real early. I know he’s like ‘I got something to prove.’ Hopefully he gets picked up somewhere where he fits best and keeps it going.”

Jets need to fix things with Joe 04.06.17

If Woody Johnson becomes Ambassador to the United Kingdom, his brother Christopher will move into the Jets’ owner role.

And if that happens, perhaps Christopher can make an important call – to Joe Namath.

The relationship between the organization and it’s most iconic former player needs to improve.

He hardly comes around anymore. He seems to be keeping a distance.

You get the sense that something happened.

Did you see the new Buffalo coach took a bunch of legendary Bills to dinner this week. That was very cool. It was a very good optic.

So if Christopher Johnson takes over, one of the first things he should do, IMO, is give Namath a call and tell him how much the organization loves him, respects him and would love to have him around more.

Something isn’t right in this relationship now and it needs to be fixed.

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Tony Romo Press Briefing on Joining CBS 04.04.17

Q)What are your thoughts on joining CBS?

Tony Romo: It’s going to be a great challenge for me. I’m going to have to learn this craft, and I’m going to have to improve. And improve quickly. That’s kind of exciting. The competitive aspect of that gets me excited to get up and go attack it. I hope that I’m able to make the CBS family proud of their decision.

Q)How big a challenge is it to become a lead network analyst?

Romo: I don’t think it’s going to be easy. I’m expecting it to be difficult and that is no different than when I came to the NFL. But, like anything in life, you go attack it. You wake up every day and give everything you’ve got. If you have any ability at all, you’re going to at least achieve your potential. That’s what we are trying to do over and over again. Figure out how to basically reach your potential in whatever field you go into in life.

Q)What is it like being on a new team?

Romo: It reminds me of my rookie year when you really don’t know anything. You’re walking into a brand‑new situation. You’re trying to play the game. I can talk, but this is a completely different world. There is a lot of subtlety involved, just like playing the quarterback position. You have to figure out what the difference is, and how to succeed. I like that challenge. I think it’s going to be enjoyable trying to be great at something. I’ve had that in football for 20 years basically now…I’m going from being the old man to all of a sudden being the young man…It’s exciting. I’m pumped to get started.

Q)How challenging is to the come right off the field into the #1 seat?

Romo: I’ve got to go attack this just like football and see where I’m good and where I’m not… If there is a strength of mine, it’s my ability to learn. If I’m not very good right away, my hope is it doesn’t take too long. And if I’m not [good right away], I can promise you I’ll be spending 20-hours a day trying to figure it out… That’s the approach I’m going to take, and I think that gives me the best chance to succeed.

Q)Why do you want to be a broadcaster?

Romo: This is a decision that I come to because I’m excited about this craft. I’m excited about trying to be really good at this. I understand the challenges ahead. I also understand that it can be pretty fun trying to attack something and do something at a high level. If I’m not very good, I can tell you I won’t be sleeping very well.

Q)Why did you choose broadcasting over playing?

Romo: I’m making the decision to go to CBS because I am choosing CBS over playing football… That’s the decision I want to make. Not because I’m being forced to… I’m excited about this. It’s going to be great, and hopefully I’m good enough to do this for a really long time

Q)What are your thoughts on Jerry Jones?

Romo: I’ve never had a better boss, owner or mentor than Jerry Jones. I’d be remiss if I went through this entire conversation and never mentioned how much he’s meant to me and how much he’ll mean to me going forward because he’ll always be in my life, and I’ll always be in his.

ESPN Officially Adds Rex Ryan 04.03.17

*Rex Ryan Joins ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown

Debuts Saturday on Florida State Spring Game – 3 p.m. ET, ESPN

Former Buffalo Bills and New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is joining ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown. Starting in September, he will make weekly appearances on the NFL pregame show, while contributing to SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and more.

Ryan, who was a guest analyst during ESPN’s Postseason NFL Countdown on Super Bowl Sunday in Houston in February, will make his ESPN debut this Saturday, April 8 (3 p.m. ET, ESPN), when he calls the Florida State University Spring Game in Tallahassee, Fla.

“Rex is authentic – what you see is what you get, and that will be great for our viewers on Sunday NFL Countdown. We also look forward to the insight and perspective he will bring to the show as an NFL coach who has worked in the league for two decades,” said Seth Markman, senior coordinating producer for ESPN’s NFL studio shows.

Ryan added: ““This is going to be a new experience for me and I am really excited about it. I’ve been a coach for 30 years and I’ve been around football my entire life. I’m passionate about the game – just like the fans are, and I’ve coached in the league for a long time, so that’s the perspective I will bring to ESPN. I’m just going to show up and be myself and have fun with it.”

Ryan served as head coach of the Bills the past two seasons (2015-16) and for the Jets from 2009-14, leading the franchise to back-to-back AFC Championship appearances. Prior to being named a head coach, Ryan spent nine seasons as an NFL assistant with the Baltimore Ravens (including 2005-08 as defensive coordinator), where he won a Super Bowl (XXXV). In 2006, Ryan was honored with Assistant Coach of the Year awards from Pro Football Weekly and the Pro Football Writers Association. Ryan, whose coaching career spans nearly 30 years, is the son of legendary NFL coach Buddy Ryan.

*Press Release

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