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Joe D knows it’s not just about collecting talent! #nyjets 03.04.20

He knows the strength is in the team, not the individual.

Joe Douglas knows this isn’t fantasy football where your just trying to collect talent. Effective NFL roster building is not just adding talented players willy-nilly, but building a cohesive TEAM by adding players wired the right way.

Talent matters, but willingness to buy into the program matters just as much.

So true.

And the Jets know this first hand. The former regime spent a fortune on some players, who aside from not living up to their contracts, just didn’t seem to buy in.

Douglas knows that it’s not his job to just be a star collector, but instead to bring in the right kind of talent, the kind that allows you to build a strong football culture.

“What is our plan? The plan is to create the best culture in sports,” Douglas said.


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Good friend of Douglas has Jets picking CB in first round #TakeFlight 03.03.20

One new mock draft has the Jets picking a position that might surprise some, but you could make an argument it’s perhaps their biggest need.

NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah, a former NFL scout, has the Jets picking Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson with their first-round pick (11th overall).

But it should be pointed out before anybody tweets something nasty at Jeremiah, he has a bunch of top offensive linemen off-the-board when the Jets select. Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton, Jedrick Wills and Andrew Thomas are all selected before the Jets are up in Jeremiah’s latest mock.

And as Jeremiah, who is good friends with Jets GM Joe Douglas, wrote, “It sounds like the Jets will aggressively address the offensive line in free agency. If so, they can address their need at cornerback right here.”

Cornerback is an enormous need for the Jets. They desperately need a #1 cornerback. It’s right up there with offensive line and edge-rusher when it comes to their biggest needs.

So picking Henderson at 11, perhaps isn’t a bad idea, especially if they sign some offensive linemen in free agency.


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Should the Jets pay this guard $15 million-a-year? 03.02.20

There’s speculation that this free agent guard could get in the neighborhood of $15 million-a-year.

That’s what NBC’s Peter King is hearing about New England Patriots soon-to-be free agent guard Joe Thuney.

“Highest-paid interior lineman in free agency? I hear New England’s Joe Thuney could be a $15-million-a-year player,” said King.

The Jets might be in the market for a guard, but that’s perhaps a little pricey for the team’s GM Joe Douglas, who has a lot of needs to fill.

Plus, the team could bring back Brian Winters (with a reworked contract) and Alex Lewis.

Expect the Jets to sign a lineman (or two) in free agency, but Thuney, at $15 million-a-year, might be a little too rich for them.

Also, Douglas has a keen eye for offensive line talent, so the Jets should be able to land some less expensive quality linemen, in the draft or free agency, and not have to break the bank on Thuney.

We shall see.


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Is Jack Conklin headed to the Jets or not? 03.02.20

Is right tackle Jack Conklin headed to the New York Jets? It depends who you ask?

On Sunday, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio announced on his website: “Per a league source, one NFL team has been informed that Conklin plans to sign with the Jets when free agency opens on March 18.”

Then ESPN’s Adam Schefter had an entirely different announcement on Twitter:

“Titans OT Jack Conklin will have many suitors in free agency, but he is not expected to land with offensive-line-needy Jets, per sources. Jets like him, but the competition for him will be intense and there will be many suitors.”

So you decide which announcement you want to believe.

Conklin is represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus.

The Titans didn’t pick up Conklin’s fifth-year option, so that makes him a free agent this year. They didn’t pick up his option because he struggled in 2018, but he did rebound to play a lot better in 2019.


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Joe Douglas must put a stop to this! Bad for Jets culture 02.19.20

This needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

The repeated attacks on Le’Veon Bell, from sources close to the team, are bad for the runner’s relationship with the organization, a poor optic, and not good for the Jets’ football culture.

This stuff should be kept in house.

It all started, when following the firing of GM Mike Maccagnan, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport announced that Adam Gase believed the Jets overpaid Bell.

How does it help an organization, for a star player to know his boss feels the team overpaid him, especially before he’s taken the field for one game with that team? Rapoport’s announcement was SO damaging to the Bell-Gase relationship.

And now you have somebody from the organization questioning Bell’s conditioning last year?

Loose lips do you know what.

Joe Douglas needs to put a stop to this.


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NFL.com ranks the Jets 32nd 02.17.20

If you want to have a successful team in the NFL, you need to get high marks in this area, and NFL.com ranked the Jets 32nd for their work in his department.

We are talking about their 2019 draft class.

NFL.com ranked all 32 draft classes from 2019, and the Jets came in dead last. The San Francisco 49ers were #1. This was Mike Maccagnan’s last draft as Jets GM. Here is what NFL.com analyst Gennaro Filice had to say about the Jets’ 2019 draft class:

Filice: Fresh off a breakout redshirt sophomore season at Alabama, Williams was viewed as a slam-dunk selection when the Jets came on the clock at No. 3 overall. But his first campaign with New York was quite underwhelming. A penetrating, game-wrecking force of nature with the Tide, Williams was reduced to a block-eating space-filler on the Jets. Now, Gang Green didn’t exactly put the rookie in a position to put up numbers — routinely deploying him as more of a two-gapping defensive tackle, as opposed to putting him in a playmaking role — but you can bet that everyone will expect more than 2.5 sacks and six QB hits in 2020. Sadly, the Jets‘ second selection went far worse. Polite, who had first-round buzz before completely bombing the pre-draft process, was released before the regular season even began. That’s an unmitigated disaster for a Day 2 selection. Honestly, the Jets‘ last two picks were their best two picks, at least in terms of 2019 returns. Cashman was a sideline-to-sideline playmaker — against both the run and pass — before a shoulder injury in late October sidelined him for the season. (This is concerning, as the former Minnesota Golden Gopher had multiple shoulder surgeries in college.) Austin got a late start on the season, as he was recovering from a torn ACL, but he acquitted himself quite well when he hit the field. That is, before he gave up a bad touchdown pass against the Steelers in Week 16 and was banished to Gregg Williams’ doghouse, never to be seen again. The lengthy cover man should get a chance to prove himself again in 2020.

For the whole list, 1-32, go to NFL.com.


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Joe Douglas shouldn’t be driven by PR when making player moves 02.12.20

Very soon, the Jets new GM Joe Douglas will be entering his first full free-agent period running his new team.

And one thing he should NOT do is try to make a big splash to impress people or grab back page headlines.

He got a six-year contract to turn the Jets around, so he should stay away from quick fixes. He needs to do this right.

In recent years, under former regimes, the Jets have signed some big-ticket free agents, and the organization doesn’t have a lot to show for it.

Yes, Douglas should sign some free agents, but he should do nothing with PR or marketing in mind. It all needs to be about pure football and building a championship caliber team with a pragmatic plan and vision.

He needs to do this right, and the best way to do that is to draft, develop and re-sign his own draft picks, with some free agents plugged in here and there.

But no quick fixes; no moves made with headlines in mind.

That usually doesn’t work.


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Joe Douglas 2020 Vision For Jets #TakeFlight 02.07.20

Jets GM Joe Douglas has a clear plan for the Jets’ moving forward. Here are some of this thoughts on that plan. . .
On building a football culture…
Douglas: The plan is to create the best culture in sports. What do I mean by that? I think the best culture, it’s a self-sustaining entity where professionalism, leadership, it’s transferred from one generation of players to the next. You see that in every great team. Every great team has that culture. That’s what we’re going to try to create here.
On entertaining trades offers for Le’Veon Bell..
Douglas: Like I said before, if teams do call, I’m going to listen. How those conversations go, I can’t speak to that, that’s hypothetical. But, when teams call, I will listen.
On if Jamal Adams is untouchable…
Douglas: I will say again, when teams call, you listen, but how serious things get after the initial call, that depends on the other team. Like I said, it never was serious with Jamal (getting traded in late October), things never got to a really serious stage with him at the trade deadline.
On Sam Darnold…
Douglas: Talk about toughness and talk about adversity. Not many guys faced more adversity then Sam, as far as, dealing with the mono and then some rough patches during the year. Sam has earned (respect) from everyone in this building, especially the locker room, for his ability to handle adversity, to come back, play really good football.
On doing something about all the injuries..
Douglas: My initial thought is that this year is a bit of anomaly as far as the amount of injuries that we sustained as a team. We are in the midst of that research; we are doing a deep dive to as far to what we can do to prevent this from happening again and what we need to implement to make sure that this amount of injuries doesn’t happen.
On attacking his first full off-season as GM…
Douglas: It’s a great opportunity to improve on the strong finish. It’s a great opportunity to bring in the right kind of people, because I do believe that there’s a reason the saying’s been around for so long, ‘You win with people.’ The reason is because you need high character, you need a certain level of toughness, you need the right people within your organization.
On improving the roster this off-season…
Douglas: I do think there is a strong core here of young guys, guys that can be the foundation of a lot of success moving forward. Right now, I feel good about a lot of these young guys and their growth and their arrows pointing up, so we have to keep adding to the culture, we have to keep adding to the locker room.
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In the draft, this is Jets #1 need, so this guy makes sense 02.06.20

A couple of different mock drafts have the Jets picking this guy, and it would certainly fill their #1 need.

The player I’m talking about is LSU edge-rusher K’Lavon Chaisson.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the Jets #1 need, and has been for some time.

Hall-of-Fame coaches Bill Walsh and Jimmy Johnson both believed that you build championship teams with a great defensive line and a franchise QB. You can fill in everything else.

The Jets are in dire need of a sack daddy coming off the edge, a cat loaded with quick twitch, flexibility to bend under tackles and a great closing burst to the QB.

Chaisson could fill the bill.

While it’s never a good idea to reach for need, picking Chaisson with the 11th pick of the first round, could be an example of marrying need with value.


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Will the Jets go back-to-back out West? #nyj 02.04.20

It was announced on Tuesday, the Jacksonville Jaguars will play back-to-back games in London next season. They will obviously practice in Great Britain between the games.

Will the NFL do something similar for the Jets with their two 2020 games in Los Angeles?

In 2020, the Jets will play both Los Angeles teams on the road – the Chargers and Rams.

Will the NFL schedule those games back-to-back allowing the Jets to stay out west for the week, and not make them travel cross-country three times? The Jets also play in Seattle.

Since the Jets also play at the Seahawks, it’s possible that one of their Los Angeles games could go back-to-back with their contest against Seattle.

So don’t be shocked if the league has the Jets play two of their West Coast games on back-to-back weeks.

We will find out in April when the NFL schedule is announced.


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Super Bowl Viewship Numbers On Several Platforms 02.04.20

*An average audience of 102.1 million tuned in for FOX Sports’ ninth Super Bowl presentation as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers (31-20) in Super Bowl LIV at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. The FOX broadcast network, including connected TV platforms, drew an average audience of 99.9 million viewership peaking at 103.5 million in the exciting conclusion to the NFL’s 100th season.

Key highlights are below:


  • Super Bowl LIV drew an average audience of 102.1 million across television (FOX and FOX Deportes) and digital (FOX, NFL, Verizon, Chiefs and 49ers properties)
  • 148.5 million viewers watched all or part of Super Bowl LIV
  • Super Bowl LIV drew an average audience of 99.9 million on the FOX broadcast network, up +1% over last year and the first year-over-year increase for the Super Bowl since 2015
  • FOX’s average audience represents the 10th most-watched Super Bowl ever, the 11th most-watched U.S. telecast ever and the fourth most-watched program in FOX history
  • Sunday’s game peaked at 103.5 million viewers on the FOX broadcast network during the 9:45-10:00 PM ET window as the Chiefs completed their historic comeback
  • Super Bowl LIV powered FOX to an easy win across all networks in prime time, and the 41.6/69 household rating/share is the highest-rated telecast of the broadcast season
  • Kansas City posted a 55.7/89 rating/share, the market’s best Super Bowl rating since 2014
  • San Francisco posted a 48.6/83 rating/share, the market’s best for a Super Bowl since 2016


  • The FOX SUPER BOWL SUNDAY pregame show averaged 21.6 million viewers for its four and a half hours of programming on the FOX broadcast network from 2:00-6:41 PM ET, up +26% vs. last year’s comparable pregame coverage and the most-watched Super Bowl pregame since 2016
  • FOX SUPER BOWL KICKOFF pulled in an average audience of 4.5 million from 1:00-2:00 PM ET on the FOX broadcast network
  • FOX Sports Super Bowl LIV coverage began with SKIP & SHANNON: UNDISPUTED SUPER BOWL SPECIAL, which attracted an average audience of 1.3 million on the FOX broadcast network from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET, the show’s second most-watched telecast ever
  • The Presidential interview, which aired in the pregame show during the 3:30-3:45 PM ET window, drew 10.3 million viewers on the FOX broadcast network


  • The Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, drew 104.1 million average viewers on the FOX broadcast network and FOX Deportes combined


  • Super Bowl LIV is the most live-streamed Super Bowl in history, delivering an average minute audience of 3.4 million, up +30% over last year (vs. 2.6 million) and up +103% over FOX’s last Super Bowl stream in 2017 (vs. 1.7 million), according to Adobe Analytics
  • The Super Bowl LIV live streaming audience includes consumption across FOXSports.com, the FOX Sports app, FOXDeportes.com, the FOX Deportes app, the FOX NOW app, NFL digital properties including the NFL app, the NFL Fantasy mobile app, NFL.com, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers mobile properties and Verizon Media digital properties including the Yahoo Sports mobile app.
  • Super Bowl LIV was the single most talked-about U.S. television program since Super Bowl LII, generating 43.9 million interactions, up +36% over last year
  • Twitter conversation peaked at the end of the halftime show with 144,000 tweets at 8:26 PM ET


  • An average audience of 757,000 watched the game in Spanish on FOX Deportes’ linear channel, including connected TV devices, setting the record for the most-watched Super Bowl game in Spanish-language television history
  • FOX Deportes eclipsed its own record of 654,000 set in 2017 by +16%
  • FOX Deportes now holds the three highest-rated Spanish-language telecasts in Super Bowl history

*Press Release

New Jets executive on what kind of players team wants . . . 01.30.20

One of the highest-ranking officials in the Jets’ player personnel department . . .

. . . is Chad Alexander.

Alexander is the Jets’ vice president of player personnel, hired in June, 2019, after 20 years in the Baltimore Ravens’ organization.

He granted a rare interview recently to the Jets’ website, and offered some thoughts on how things are going for the Jets’ new player personnel brass, a group hired pretty late last year.

“We had to kind of hit the ground running when we started,” Alexander told Ethan Greenberg of newyorkjets.com. “But I think now is a time where it’s kind of slowed down a little bit, we’ve put our processes in place and we can talk about what we want out of players and get to kind of stack the board.”

Alexander, who learned a great deal from the legendary player/executive Ozzie Newsome while working in Baltimore, has a clear vision for the kind of players he and Douglas want.

“We want to bring in guys who have extremely high character and then obviously all the physical attributes: guys that are big, fast and strong,” Alexander said. “You want to bring in good leaders and guys that have just the right mentality going forward and are going to help us win football games.”

And Alexander thinks the Jets are in great hands with his long time friend/colleague Douglas running their player personnel department.

“It would be really hard to find anybody in the NFL that has anything bad to say about Joe Douglas,” Alexander said. “He’s a great listener, he’s an extremely hard worker, he’s got a great football mind, and I think he does a great job of bringing it all together and collaborating with the coaching staff and the business side as well as the scouts.”


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Jets LB Brandon Copeland Given Alan Page Community Award 01.30.20

New York Jets linebacker earns NFLPA’s highest honor for his outreach efforts

*MIAMI – The NFL Players Association announced Brandon Copeland as the recipient of the 2020 Alan Page Community Award at its annual Super Bowl press conference on Thursday. In recognition, the NFLPA will donate $100,000 to Copeland’s Beyond the Basics foundation.

“Receiving this award from the NFLPA and my peers is truly humbling and serves as one of those moments where God lets you know that you are on the right path,” the New York Jets linebacker said. “As I have said before, I hope that the legacy I leave here on Earth is much bigger than just being an NFL player. That is the driving force behind why I work so hard to make a positive impact on the people I cross paths with.”

As the NFLPA’s highest honor, the Alan Page Community Award annually recognizes one player who demonstrates a profound dedication to positively impacting his team’s city and communities across the country, following in the spirit of the Pro Football Hall of Famer and social pioneer for whom the honor is named.

This winter, Copeland demonstrated the power of teamwork and giving. The five-year veteran linebacker put a twist on his annual “December to Remember” by enlisting the help of 11 active and former NFL players across the country: Josh Bynes, Joel Gamble, Duron Harmon, Kerry Hyder, Cam Lynch, Devin & Jason McCourty, Kevin Minter, Kyle Van Noy, Tahir Whitehead and Avery Williamson.

The collection of athletes banded together to host seven different shopping sprees for the holiday season in New York/New Jersey, Tampa, Baltimore, Dallas, Boston and Oakland on December, 16, 17 and 20.

The Week 16 Community MVP kicked off the initiative with a pizza party, during which he surprised 101 kids in the New York/New Jersey area each with a $200 gift card. Through Copeland’s foundation, his NFL friends were able to follow suit, ultimately providing gift cards to more than 300 foster and underprivileged children across the country.

This holiday initiative is one of several done by Copeland’s Beyond The Basics non-profit, which works to empower young individuals to maximize their potential by exposing them to enriching experiences, opportunities and people. Last year, Copeland held his fourth annual youth football camp in his hometown of Baltimore. The 400-plus participants not only learned about the sport but also about the importance of giving back by packing 1,000 book bags with school supplies and hygiene kits.

In March, Copeland plans to host The Basketball Classic: Celebrity Edition at Barclays Center. The outreach effort is meant to fill the stands with people who may not be able to afford an event at the arena so that they can enjoy the charity game as well as a Brooklyn Nets contest that same evening.

“I look forward to using the NFLPA’s generous donation to continue empowering people, whether it be through community events or taking the time to have a simple conversation,” Copeland said. “Honors and moments like this are a humbling sign that the work of our foundation is making a real impact.”

Copeland was chosen as this year’s Alan Page Community Award winner from among five finalists following an electronic ballot vote that was open to all of his NFL peers from across the league. The finalists – Copeland, Geno Atkins (Cincinnati Bengals), Brandon Carr (Baltimore Ravens), Demario Davis (New Orleans Saints) – were selected by an external committee of judges across labor, media, sport and charity from among the 18 Community MVPs awarded during the 2019 regular season.

For more information on the Alan Page Community Award, please visit NFLPA.com/community-mvp.

Previous Alan Page Community Award Winners*:

2019   Andrew Whitworth, Los Angeles Rams
2018    Chris Long, Philadelphia Eagles
2017    Malcolm Jenkins, Philadelphia Eagles
2016    Thomas Davis, Carolina Panthers
2015    Chad Greenway, Minnesota Vikings
2014    Anquan Boldin, San Francisco 49ers
2013    Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh Steelers
2012    Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
2011    Tony Richardson, New York Jets
2010    Nnamdi Asomugha, Oakland Raiders
2009    Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles
2008    Warrick Dunn, Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Atlanta Falcons
2007    John Lynch, Denver Broncos
2006    Steve McNair, Tennessee Titans
2005    Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
2004    Derrick Brooks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2003    Troy Vincent, Philadelphia Eagles
2002    Mark Brunell, Jacksonville Jaguars
2001    Michael McCrary, Baltimore Ravens
2000    Doug Pelfrey, Cincinnati Bengals
1999    Cris Carter, Minnesota Vikings
1998    Hardy Nickerson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1997    Chris Zorich, Chicago Bears
1996    Bill Brooks, Buffalo Bills
1995    Derrick Thomas, Kansas City Chiefs
1994    Mark Kelso, Buffalo Bills
1993    Nick Lowery, Kansas City Chiefs
1992    Reggie White, Green Bay Packers
1991    Mike Kenn, Atlanta Falcons
1990    Ozzie Newsome, Cleveland Browns
1989    Mike Singletary, Chicago Bears
1988    Deron Cherry, Kansas City Chiefs
1987    George Martin, New York Giants
1986    Nat Moore, Miami Dolphins
1985    Reggie Williams, Cincinnati Bengals
1984    Rolf Benirschke, San Diego Chargers
1983    Doug Dieken, Cleveland Browns
1982    Franco Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers
1981    Ken Houston, Washington Redskins
1980    Gene Upshaw, Los Angeles Raiders
1979    Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys
1978    Archie Manning, New Orleans Saints
1977    Lyle Alzado, Denver Broncos
1976    Jim Hart, St. Louis Cardinals
1975    Rocky Bleier, Pittsburgh Steelers
1974    Floyd Little, Denver Broncos
1973    Andy Russell, Pittsburgh Steelers
1972    Ray May, Baltimore Colts
1971    Kermit Alexander, Los Angeles Rams
1970    Gale Sayers, Chicago Bears
1969    Ed Meador, Los Angeles Rams
1968    Willie Davis, Green Bay Packers
1967    Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers

*Press Release

Joe Douglas’ right-hand man speaks! 01.29.20

So often when you see GM Joe Douglas, you see this man at his side, and last week, he gave out a rare interview.

The man we’re talking about is Jets assistant GM Rex Hogan, who recently granted an exclusive interview to newyorkjets.com.

So what characteristics are Douglas and Hogan looking for in players who will work at 1 Jets Drive?

“The main priority that we’re going to focus on is adding guys to our culture who are focused on a high level of commitment, a high level of character and a high level of confidence,” Hogan told Ethan Greenberg of newyorkjets.com.

Hogan said they will be looking for guys with great drive.

“Guys driven to focus on being the best they can be in terms of what they’re going to provide to the Jets, whether it be on the field or off the field,” Hogan said. “And we’ll identify guys’ core traits that we look for. Essentially, they’re going to be players that are smart, tough, physical and competitive.”

Hogan thinks Jets fans should be pumped about Douglas, who won two rings working for the Baltimore Ravens, and then one with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I think fans should be excited by the fact that Joe has won three Super Bowls, and that he has an idea and a clear, concise concept of how to build a team and how to build a roster,” Hogan said.

This is Hogan’s second stint with the Jets. He was their senior director of college scouting from 2015-17, before departing for the Indianapolis Colts, where he worked for two seasons. He also spent 12 years in the Chicago Bears personnel department. Hogan is a 1995 graduate of Austin Peay University in Tennessee, where he punted for the football team.


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Darnold and Danny Dimes Square Off In Fort Lauderdale 01.28.20

*The American Cornhole League (ACL), the originator of competitive cornhole, is thrilled to announce that the Quarterbacks from both New York Football teams, Daniel Jones and Sam Darnold will step off the gridiron and onto the cornhole court for a special ESPN broadcast leading into the Big Game.

The face-off, which will be held at the Broward Convention Center from 9-10pm on Friday, Jan. 31st (1950 Eisenhower Blvd., Ft Lauderdale, Fla. 33316), is open for free to the public and expected to draw 2,000+ fans on-site with VIP seats also available for $25. The competition will be the crown jewel of a 3-day series of events hosted by the ACL. In addition to the ACL’s scheduled ESPN telecasts, the Darnold and Jones competition will air on ESPN2 as a 1-hour special on Sunday, Feb. 2nd. The first broadcast will take place prior to kickoff at 5:00pm ET and will re-air again at 11:30pm ET, immediately following the Big Game.

The weekend marks the kickoff of 2020 Johnsonville Cornhole Championships, with top players from across the country competing for over $40,000 in payouts. Scheduled events include Pro / Advanced / Competitive / Intermediate Singles, Junior Doubles, Pro / Advanced / Competitive / Intermediate Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Seniors’ Doubles, Pro / Advanced / Competitive / Intermediate Blind Draw, Crew Cup Shootout, College Doubles and Sit ‘n Go Blind Draws. For information the full schedule fans and competitors can visit https://www.iplaycornhole.com/nationals/15.

“While I wish I was going to be on the field this weekend, this is a nice consolation prize – and another opportunity to take home a win for Gang Green against a cross-town rival,” added Gang Green starting quarterback Sam Darnold. “Daniel’s a great competitor, but I’ve been practicing and feel good about my odds!”

The American Cornhole League hosts competition and tournaments across the amateur, collegiate, and pro ranks with thousands of players taking part every year. For additional information on how to participate visit iplaycornhole.com

*Press Release

The X-Factor In the Jets’ Front Office Speaks 01.28.20

The Jets’ mystery personnel man gave an exclusive interview.

Talking about Phil Savage, who was hired last June by GM Joe Douglas as a “senior advisor,” and granted an exclusive interview last week to Ethan Greenberg of the Jets’ website.

His exact role is unclear, but he’s certainly a valuable sounding board for Douglas. Savage was the Cleveland Browns’ GM from 2005-08, and was also a GM in the Alliance of American Football, so he certainly can help the Jets’ relatively new GM learn the whys and wherefores of the position.

“I think as a staff, there’s been a lot of coalescing so to speak around Joe D and the Jets,” Savage told newyorkjets.com. “I would think we’re going to do very well. It’ll be a common sense approach, very steady, and that’s really what you want in player personnel.”

Savage and Douglas worked together in the Baltimore Ravens’ personnel department from 1996-2004.  He was a big help to Douglas and the Jets’ personnel staff at last week’s Senior Bowl, a game that he ran from 2013-18. The Jets took a pragmatic approach of not forcing all their scouts to try to look at every player on the field, at the same time, at the practices.

“Each of our scouts has certain positions they’re responsible for,” Savage said. “Definitely in a venue like this, you can feel like your eyes are going all over the place and you don’t see anything. But we’ve tried to be specific with the assignments with Jon Carr, our college scouting director, and Rex [Hogan, assistant GM] leading the charge there, divvying up the work. We feel like we’ve gotten good coverage in that regard.”

And while the Senior Bowl is important, Savage knows it’s just one piece of the scouting puzzle.

“It’s a piece to the puzzle but it can’t be the biggest piece to the puzzle,” Savage said. “Certain players will come here and excel that maybe didn’t play as well during the fall or vice versa. And then you get to the Combine and maybe they don’t run as fast as you hoped they would. The easy players to evaluate are the ones you see in the fall, then you see them at the Senior Bowl, then you see them at the Combine and it all lines up.”

And Savage is going to help Douglas line things up, whatever his role and location might be.


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