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Mosley’s rehab was constantly on move 06.10.20

Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley addressed the media on Wednesday afternoon on Zoom, and here is some of what he had to say about his comeback from sports hernia surgery:

Brian Costello – New York Post: Where are you at physically?

C.J. Mosley – Jets linebacker: I’m cleared to do everything. I’m working with my trainers every week as far as workouts and rehab. Once we get back in the building, whenever that is, we will go from there.

Costello: Are your expectations  you will be ready for training camp?

Mosley: Yeah.

Al Iannazzone – Newsday:  C.J., so you have been able to do your running and cutting that you weren’t able to do last month when we spoke?

Mosley: Yeah, correct. I have been doing my workouts that way.

Rich Cimini – ESPN: Lets assume training camp starts on time, are you going to have any concerns? What is your level of concern about gathering with a large group of people amid the pandemic? Do you have any concerns about getting the virus?

Mosley: You can only control what you can control. The NFLPA and the NFL are working together, and working with doctors and experts to make sure everybody is safe and sound when we get back, and if we get back.

I don’t know what the plan is, but I’m just doing everything on my side to to stay safe, and keep my family safe, and make sure I’m ready to go.

Costello: What has been the biggest challenge of this off-season the way it’s been set up virtually?

Mosley: From a football aspect, the challenge hasn’t been hard at all. It was just annoying, we kind of got on a schedule in January and February as far as my rehab and working out. We had reconstruction of the weight room, so we had to move to another gym. As soon as we got that going, everything got shut down. There was a start and stop with everything as far as my rehab. Luckily I have some stuff in my basement, and they did a good job sending me some stuff, so that has been my workout schedule – just working out from home, doing my rehab cards.

Now that I’ve had a chance to get back on a field, I can actually do more work as far as football work and football movements. That was kind of my big thing in the off-season to cut and plant. That was what was stopping me from getting back on the field during the season. Now that I got that out of the way, I’m pretty confident I will be good to go.


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Allen works out with teammates in Florida 05.29.20

They used to call spring practices – “Passing Camps” – for good reason.

While there is no tackling in NFL spring camps, and limited contact on the lines, quarterbacks and receivers can get a lot done in the spring on timing, route-depth, route-trees and so forth.

So with no official on-field team work so far this off-season, this isn’t ideal for quarterbacks, especially young ones.

According to the Buffalo News, Bills QB Josh Allen had a work-out this week with a bunch of his targets in Florida, including wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Others included wide receiver John Brown, Isaiah McKenzie and running back Devin Singletary.

You could make a argument the Jets could use a workout like this ASAP.

Perhaps a player needs to organize one of these for Gang Green.

Maybe it’s in the works right now, we will see.


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Flacco – No timetables right now 05.28.20

Here is an excerpt from Joe Flacco’s introductory Zoom conference call with the New York media . . .

Rich Cimini – ESPN: Joe could speak to coming to the Jets? Could you take us through the process? Why sign now as opposed to waiting a little bit in the preseason when you were fully healthy?

Joe Flacco – Jets backup QB:  I guess that kind of thought process I was back and forth for a while, but ultimately I think it’s important to get on a team and get comfortable with the guys on the team and get comfortable with Sam in this situation, and get comfortable with the offense, I will at some point be running in some capacity.

I had to make a decision to get something done this off-season and being on a team come this fall was an important thing for me.

Dan Leberfeld – Jets Confidential: Joe, how did you guys come up with that timetable, whether it was you, the doctors or the Jets, where you guys felt that you would be ready in the middle of September. How do you [determine] that was the time?

Flacco: I want to get away from talking about timetables right now. Anything you do hear isn’t coming directly from me. I’m really relying on the doctors at this point to come up with that timetable. When we get there, we will see how everything’s going. I’m ready to move forward, I just want to make sure I’m as safe as possible going back out on the field and taking a hit if that is what it needs to be. I’m really relying on the doctors, that is the main decision-maker.

Mark Cannizzaro – New York Post: Joe, you have obviously been a star and a performer at the highest level of the game here over the years. Can you speak to, once you do get all the stuff down, the things you can do for Sam as a backup, and obviously that is a new role for you.

Flacco: I’m fully embracing it. It’s where I am right now. I’m glad to be on a team playing football in some capacity.

I think it’s going to be huge to get in there and know the guys and develop a relationship with the team and do anything I can to help the team get better, and in that process, help Sam with whatever he needs help with. Take his mind off of something. Tell him how I see things or tell him how I dealt with this in the past, if it’s on the football field, or off the football field.


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Sam needs to start working with these guys ASAP! 05.28.20

Jets QB Sam Darnold could really use something like this.

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr organized a workout at a Nevada park this week with passing game targets like wide receivers Hunter Renfrow, Zay Jones and tight end Darren Waller.

Recently, Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady did the same thing at a Florida high school, with players including wide receiver Mike Evans and tight ends Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard.

Darnold could use a few sessions like these real bad.

Keep in mind, he might have two new starting outside receivers this season in free agent addition Breshad Perriman and 2020 second-round pick Denzel Mims.

Obviously, through no fault of his own, Darnold hasn’t been able to practice with these guys in off-season workouts in Florham Park.

And for Darnold, it’s hard to organize a workout like Carr did in Nevada, or Brady did in Tampa Bay, in New Jersey, at a park or high school, because the state is locked down by Governor Phil Murphy.

But the bottom line is this lack of work for Darnold with his new weapons is far from ideal for the 22-year-old signal-caller. There is way around that.

Historically, spring practices are a great time for quarterbacks to get on the same page with passing game weapons, especially new ones.

Perhaps somebody can set up a Jets passing game workout somewhere in the United States, perhaps in a state with a less draconian rules than New Jersey. Yes, Murphy just said teams can start practicing at facilities, but that could take a while to get that going.

If Darnold doesn’t start getting some work with Perriman, Mims, and others, like new receiving back Lamical Perrine, it could hurt their collective chemistry in 2020. Training camp alone is probably not enough. If it was, why would they have off-season programs?

Not pointing any fingers here because it’s not an ideal situation right now. We all know that.

But Darnold does need some work with his passing game weapons, especially the new ones.

That is pretty obvious.


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Eddie Jackson getting paid – a fly in the ointment 05.27.20

Jamal Adams is skipping the Jets’ virtual off-season program because he is looking for a new contract.

One factor that is likely sticking in his craw is a fellow safety from his 2017 rookie class got a lucrative second contract – Chicago’s Eddie Jackson.

Jackson is also a two-time Pro Bowler like Adams.

On January 3, the University of Alabama-product got a 5-year deal for $58.4 million with $33 million guaranteed.

Jackson wasn’t a first-round pick, having been selected in the fourth-round, and was entering the final year of his contract in 2020. Adams is essentially under contract for two more years since the Jets picked up his fifth-year option for 2021. Fourth-round contracts don’t have fifth-year options.

Also, Jackson made a total of $3.06 million in his rookie deal.  Adams got $22.3 guaranteed at signing. So Jackson made about $20 million less on his first deal than Adams.

But no matter how you slice it, Adams can’t be thrilled that Jackson got a big second contract and he’s still waiting.


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Who is right in the Jamal Adams battle? 05.26.20

Jamal Adams wants a new contract now, and to hammer his point home, he’s not participating in the Jets’ off-season program, which is virtual.

Adams is entering the fourth season of his rookie contract. The Jets recently picked up his fifth-year option, so the safety is under the team’s control for the next two years. The team can also put the franchise tag on him in his sixth-season, if they so chose.

So the Jets have the ability to keep the player under their control for the next three seasons.

But Adams wants a new lucrative long-term contract now.

However, one problem with giving in to Adams’ demands now is the precedent it sets. If the Jets rip up Adams contract now, after three years, other first-round picks, like Mekhi Becton (if he plays well), will look to do the same.

As Yahoo’s Charles Robinson pointed out on Twitter: “Sticking point on extension is simple. Guys like Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack played four seasons (and won DPOY) before their extensions. Jets don’t want to do Adams’ deal after three years for the highest-paid-safety money he wants. In 2021 it could be a different story.”

So the Jets likely want Adams to follow the same path as Donald and Mack, and wait until after the fourth year of his deal.

Adams clearly wants something now. The NFL is a brutal sport, and if you wait too long to get paid the big bucks, you might get hurt, and not get that huge contract. Jamal’s father George Adams, a former Giants running back, can attest to that. He suffered a serious hip injury ending his career prematurely.

You can understand both sides of the argument.

So what’s the solution?

Perhaps a band-aid deal. The Jets sweeten Adams contract a little this year so he’s not the 12th highest-paid player on the team (according to overthecap.com), and then give him the long-term extension in 2021.


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Douglas pressed hard about Adams contract 05.22.20

In his pre-draft press conference, Jets GM Joe Douglas was asked a lot of questions about Jamal Adams contract situation. It had just come out that Adams would not be attending the team’s virtual off-season program to protest his current contract situation. He wants a lucrative long-term extension. The safety is entering the fourth season of his rookie contract. The Jets picked up his fifth-year option, so he’s locked up for next two years. Veteran NFL scribe Gary Myers reported this week that the contract extension talks aren’t going well. Here is the exchange between reporters and Douglas about Adams at his April 24 press briefing:

Rich Cimini – ESPN: It’s become apparent in recent days that Jamal is not pleased with his contract situation. Can you address that and have you been in communication with him?

Douglas: I haven’t had any conversations recently with Jamal. Our voluntary off-season program begins April 27 and the highlighted word is “voluntary.'”

Cimini: At the Combine, you said your plan was to make Jamal a Jets for life – is that still your plan?

Douglas: Nothing’s changed since the last time we spoke.

Manish Mehta – New York Daily News: Just to follow up on that, you had said, as Rich had noted, you mentioned that your plan is to have Jamal as a Jet for life, but you have also said consistently, that you will listen to offers, which sounds like a bit of hedging, so why not definitely say that Jamal Adams will be a Jet for as long as he wants to be, and I have a follow-up to that as well.

Douglas: Yeah, I’ve made it known that, certainly, the plan would be for Jamal to be here long-term, again, I’ve also made it known, I have to do what’s in the best interest of this team if other teams call to talk about players, I will listen. But going into this draft, my intent isn’t to move any players, but if he team calls, we’re going to have conversations. I don’t view it as hedging, I view it as doing my job, and what’s your follow-up question.

Mehta: Why, just philosophically then, why isn’t Jamal Adams considered an untouchable player. You have alluded to in the past, that the quarterback is viewed in that light, and obviously he’s not a quarterback, he’s clearly the most productive player on your team, by ever statistical measure, why don’t you view him as an untouchable, and real quick, what you just said about listening to offers, is if fair to say that when a call comes in, you will do more than simply listen, you will engage and offer counters?

Douglas: I’m not going to get into hypotheticals, as far as engaging and going back and forth. As far as how I feel about the quarterback position, I’ve always made that known, I feel that quarterback is the most important position in all of professional sports, and I feel we have a very good young player in Sam Darnold. My opinion on Jamal has been consistent since I arrived here. Jamal is an unbelievable young player and our plan is to keep Jamal here a long time.”

Connor Hughes – The Athletic: Not to keep hammering on the Jet for life thing, while you guys can extend Jamal Adams now, you don’t necessarily have to do that, because you can control him with a fifth-year option, he’s under contract for this year, and obviously if you had to could franchise him as well, how do you balance resigning him with when you want to re-sign him? Is this something you want to get done right away, or are you content waiting because of how much control you have over his deal?

Douglas: I think once we’ve gotten through free agency and the draft, the next step will be to get together as a group, and connect with Jamal sometime after the draft.



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What has allowed Gore to play in the NFL so long? 05.21.20

New Jets running back Frank Gore was introduced to the New York media today on a Zoom teleconference. Here are some excerpts:

Darryl Slater – Newark Star-Ledger: Frank, you’ve obviously been at this a long time. What is secret to your longevity, and how much do you think you have left in the tank?

Frank Gore – Jets running back: I have to say the Man up above first. I’ve been blessed. Also, the love of the game. All the things I said about Le’Veon, the way he prepares himself for the season, I also do the same thing.

How many (years) I have left? I take it one day at a time. One year at a time.

Rich Cimini – ESPN: Frank, ever since your rookie year, you led the team you were on in rushing attempts every year, so how do you feel about the prospect of being the #2 to Le’Veon (Bell)?

Gore: I’m cool. I’m happy to even be playing this game at my age. I’m happy this organization gave me an opportunity. But I’m just going to come in, and work, and help the young guys, and whenever I get my number called, just go out there and try to make a play for our team to be successful. I’m very happy.

Cimini: Frank, when you spoke to Adam (Gase), to spell out specifically what your role will be?

Gore: Nah. He just told me to be me. Come in and be the guy I’ve always been. Coming to work, trying to be the first guy in the building, and the last guy off the field. Go out to practice like it’s my last. If young guys see me going hard every day, that will help our team get better. I’m very excited. I’m a New York Jet and I can’t wait to get in the building and see what we can do.

Tina Cervasio – Fox 5: How have you been able to keep your physical fitness and been able to play this game this long.?

Gore: I really don’t think about the age. It’s about training. I love to be around younger guys at the position, to look at myself, be honest with myself, when we do agilities, if I’m about the same, if I look the same speed as them, I know I’m going to be fine for the season.


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Where is Cam Clark going to play with Jets? 05.21.20

Jets 2020 fourth-round pick Cameron Clark was an offensive tackle at Charlotte, but where are the Jets going to play him?

There was a lot of speculation during the draft process that he could move to guard in the NFL.

Jets Confidential asked Clark what the position(s) the Jets told him to focus after drafting him.

“Guard and tackle,” said Clark.

So which guard or offensive tackle spot is the hard-working Greensboro-native working on during his workout sessions in Charlotte? All of them.

“I am working at four positions – both guard positions and tackle spots,” Clark said.

What is the biggest adjustment going to guard, a position Clark never played at Charlotte, where he was strictly an offensive tackle?

“I feel like things happen faster inside,” Clark said. “I feel like you have more space and more time to react at tackle. The bullets fly faster when you are playing at guard.”

It remains to be seen where the Jets will play Clark, but he feels he will prepared for whatever they decide.

“I feel like I can play any position the coach wants me to,” Clark said.


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The challenge for Darnold/Perriman/Mims 05.20.20

This might not be the ideal situation for Jets quarterback Sam Darnold.

With no spring workouts in Florham Park, and no minicamps and OTA work in sight, Darnold will be missing valuable time to work on chemistry with new receivers like Breshad Perriman and Denzel Mims.

Think about it. These are the two leading candidates to be Darnold’s two starting outside receivers, and he’s not getting to work with them in spring camps. Obviously, Jamison Crowder, who had a terrific first year in green, will be the slot receiver, so Darnold already has chemistry with him.

Look, obviously, there is a darn good reason why there have been no spring practices in Florham Park this year – Coronavirus.

So I’m not making light of this, just pointing out that the lack of spring practices could hurt Darnold’s maturation process this year.

Remember, the spring NFL camps used to be called “passing camps.” Because it’s the passing game that gets the most out of these camps, since there is no tackling, and little contact. Peyton Manning used to love this spring work to get on this same page with his targets.

Tom Brady was able to organize a workout at a local high school in Tampa Bay this week to work with some of his new Buccaneer’s weapons. In a way, you could say what Brady is doing is a competitive advantage of over other teams. Florida is much more open for business than many other states.

In New Jersey, Darnold, and other players, could get arrested if they had a makeshift practice on a field in the Garden State, which has very strict rules about public gatherings right now. Same with Darnold’s home state of California, where the quarterback has organized workouts in the past.

Maybe he can try to put something together in Florida, but that requires jumping through a lot of hoops, like travel for all the different guys, finding a practice field, hotel rooms and so forth.

But the bottom line, through no fault of his own, Darnold can’t work with his new receivers (and other new passing game weapons like RB Lamical Perine) in the team’s off-season program, which isn’t happening on the field.

This isn’t ideal for him entering his all-important third season.

But with hard work in the summer, if there is a training camp, perhaps he can make up for lost time with extra work after practice.


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Becton on no field work 05.19.20

Mekhi Becton had a Zoom teleconference with the media on Monday, and here is what he had to say:

Rich Cimini – ESPN: Can you walk us through what you’ve been able to do so far virtually with the other rookies, or the coaches, and what have you been able to absorb from that time?

Mekhi Becton – Jets offensive tackle: Right now we have just been doing a lot of virtual meetings. I have seen their faces, but I haven’t talked to any of the vets yet, like sat down and get to know them personally. We have just been doing meetings. The rookies have been doing side meetings on their own with the vets.

I have just been studying, doing extra studying with the playbook.

Al Iannazzone – Newsday: Mekhi can you tell us what you’ve been doing when you’re on your own aside from the virtual meetings since the draft?

Becton: I’ve training with Duke Manyweather (in Texas). I’m still going to his house and training. It’s been the same routine I’ve been doing, (the only difference is) I’m on a team right now.

Cimini: Is it weird, you haven’t played football in a long time, and it’s probably been five months since you played a football game. No spring practice. What has this entire process been like?

Becton: It’s definitely been weird because I can’t walk on the field and physically go through the plays so I can get a better understanding of it. That would be the only weird aspect of it, not being able to go on the field and go over the plays we’ve been going on in meetings.

Kim Jones – NFL Network: With your big personality, how much do you embrace the responsibility you now have to protect Sam Darnold?

Becton: It doesn’t really matter who’s the quarterback. I’m going to have to protect them either way. It’s not pressure at all because I’m going to have to protect the quarterback no matter who is back there. It’s going to be real fun. I can’t wait to protect him.

Iannazzone: Have you had a chance to talk to Sam?

Becton: Me and Sam have actually texted each other the other day. So I’m definitely going to find a way to form a relationship between us soon or later. I texted Le’Veon Bell as well.

Iannazzone: What did Bell say to you?

Becton: Pretty much that I lock his number in – same as Sam Darnold. I want to try an get to know those two guys.

Cimini: What are you rookie goals this year?

Becton: I want to start as a rookie and make the playoffs. Those are my rookie goals.

Cimini: Do you have a uniform number yet. If not, what would your preference be?

Becton: I’ve talked to Joe Douglas about it and I told him I wanted to wear 77. I don’t know if I got it yet or not.

Cimini: What is the significance of 77?

Becton: Just a different number. I wanted to try something new. I didn’t feel right in 70. That is my high school number and then 73 is retired. I felt like 77 is like a different journey, a new journey to start.


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Player training with Mekhi – ‘When he runs, the whole gym stops’ 05.18.20

Jets fourth-round guard/tackle Cameron Clark (Charlotte) had a Zoom Conference with Jets reporters today. Here is an excerpt from that teleconference:

Dan Leberfeld – Jets Confidential: Are you still working out in Dallas with Mehki (with Duke Manyweather)?

Cameron Clark – Jets offensive lineman: No sir. I’m back in Charlotte right now. Mekhi is in Dallas.

Leberfeld: You were working with him?

Clark: Yes sir.

Leberfeld: So what are you doing now, compared to what you were doing in Dallas, to prepare yourself?

Clark: Very similar stuff. I’m lifting weights and conditioning six days a week. I do position work three of those days. It’s similar to what I was doing with Duke (Manyweather) and Mekhi, pre-combine.

Kim Jones – NFL Network: In this virtual world it’s not as easy to converse with people and get to know people, but you and Mekhi did have that relationship from training together. What is your friendship like and what is he like as a guy?

Clark: It’s crazy, Me and Mekhi met working out at MJP working with Duke and we kind of hit it off from jump. We have been real close. There was a group of five of us that was real close as we were training. Me and Mekhi were always joking, playing around together. We worked hard. We know when to work. We knew when to play. We always got our work in. Both of us worked extremely hard and both of us care about football a lot. That is one thing (that made us) hit it off, off the bat.

I like to tell jokes and stuff and Mekhi laughs at everything I say – that definitely helped our relationship. Mehki is fun, happy-go-lucky person. It’s crazy when you look at his film, he’s the opposite off the field. He’s a big kid off the field.

Jones: Speaking of big, if I can follow up. You are a large guy. I’ve have covered large guys in the NFL forever. Mekhi Becton is an enormous human being. Does his athleticism surprise even you at all at that size?

Clark: Most definitely. I when I first met Mekhi, we were running and doing drills, and he was still recovering from an ankle injury from the season, and when he would [run], the whole gym would like stop, so Mekhi is definitely a freak.


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The Jets need this group to be transformative! 05.18.20

The Jets need one of those draft classes you see every once in a while.

Before the 2020 draft Jets GM Joe Douglas said: “We have seen real impact drafts make a big difference in a short time.”

When you look at the history of the draft, every once in a while, GM’s come through with elite classes that fundamentally transform teams, like the 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Or like the 1977 Jets draft, which included LT Marvin Powell, WR Wesley Walker and DT Joe Klecko.

The Jets need their 2020 class to be one of those “real impact drafts” that “make a big difference.”

And who knows, it might happen.

If first-round offensive tackle Mehki Becton (pictured above) and second-round receiver Denzel Mims turn into a stars, that would be great start for Gang Green.

If third-round safety Ashtyn Davis turns into a future starter, and so does fifth-round cornerback Bryce Hall, that would help the Jets a great deal since they need to improve their pass coverage.

Third-round pass rusher Jabari Zuniga has ideal athleticism and twitch to help the Jets’ pass rush, but just needs to stay healthy and take his sack numbers to another level.

Fourth-round picks, G/T Cam Clark and RB Lamical Perine, both have starting potential down the road. Whether they reach that level or not, remains to be seen.

And the Jets might have found a long-term answer at punter late in the draft.

You get the idea.

If this Jets draft hits just right, it could be one of those transformative draft classes that makes a “big difference.”

And man, do they need that to happen.


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McLendon-‘Not really thinking about Tom Brady’ 05.15.20

This is the final excerpt from Steve McLendon’s Zoom Conference Call with Jets reporters:

Mark Cannizzaro – New York Post: If somebody had asked you early in your career if you would still be doing what you are doing now, would it surprise you at all?

Steve McLendon – Jets defensive tackle: I believed in me. I always believed in me. I knew how many years I wanted to play in the league and I’m there and that is one of the biggest lessons.

Rich Cimini – ESPN: Steve, speaking of players with longevity, what did you think of getting Frank Gore?

McLendon: It’s awesome. I met some coaches who were with him in Miami. He’s a workhorse and he’s going to bring that value to the team. With his work ethic, with his knowledge of the game, he can help the team a lot.

Brian Costello – New York Post: Steve, you competed with Tom Brady for a long time, first in Pittsburgh, and now here with the Jets. What does him leaving the division mean? Does it open up the division more than it has been for a while?

McLendon: I feel like it has always been open, man, because we always put on our pads the exact same way. We wake up the exact same. Man, I try not to lose focus on us. That’s what it’s all about. The focus is still on us. So I’m not really thinking about Tom Brady. He has a team to work [with] to make sure they are ready to go, and we have to do the exact same. I feel like we have the same opportunity every single year. They have just won more than we did, but it’s a new year, it’s a new time.

Dan Leberfeld – Jets Confidential: How is Le’Veon Bell doing? What is his mindset like entering his second year with the Jets and is he participating in the (virtual) off-season program?

McLendon: They only thing we can see on the video conference is our (position) group. I don’t really know about [his participation}. But I know he’s training. That I know.


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S. McLendon to Quinnen- ‘Don’t not do anything’ 05.14.20

This is Part III of Steve McLendon’s Zoom press conference with reporters:

Rich Cimini – ESPN: You guys drafted Mekhi Becton in the first round. He is 6-7, like 360-something. Do you know anything about him? Have you ever gone against a player that big before at tackle?

Steve McLendon – Jets defensive tackle: Max Starks. He was one of my teammates in Pittsburgh. He was probably the largest human being I ever met in my life. He was like 7-foot, 380 and it looked like he had abs. Very smart, intelligent guy. Played for a long time. I have a great deal of respect for Max Starks. Super Bowl champ.

Dan Leberfeld – Jets Confidential: Who are some of the guys you are going to work out with in Georgia? Some of your older teammates? Some of your newer teammates? Who are some of those guys?

McLendon: I don’t like to name names, but I’m trying to get all the numbers of the guys here. I’m trying to figure that out right now. But I do have one in particular, and that is Jordan Jenkins. He lives in Georgia. I have been in contract.

Leberfeld: What about Quinnen Williams? The first full (NFL) off-season would have been this one for him. Obviously an important one to get bigger and stronger and improve. How tough is this on Quinnen Williams to not have an off-season program in Florham Park entering his second year?

McLendon: It’s a tough situation, but me and Quinnen have been communicating. I told him, “Listen man, whenever you get the opportunity,” because I think he’s still in New York and I understand how things are in New York. I was like, “Man, once you get that opportunity and you will get a chance – just don’t not do anything.” I just told him a few things. I don’t want to tell you what we talk about. I told him a few things he can continue to do to get better. He will have that opportunity, hopefully soon.

I just want everybody to be safe, that is the biggest thing being safe. I’m continue to import as much knowledge as possible. And I’m going to help him become bigger and stronger.


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McLendon trying to mentor young Jets in Georgia 05.13.20

This is Part II of Steve McLendon’s press conference on Zoom with Jets reporters:

Mark Cannizzaro – New York Post: What do you know about your new teammate, George Fant? Have you dealt with him at all, gone against him, obviously not in practice yet here.

Steve McLendon- New York Jets defensive tackle: I don’t know him by name. The center/guard? Is he the one who came from Carolina?

Cannizzaro: From Seattle.

McLendon: I haven’t really looked too much into it, man. I’m still trying to learn everybody’s name. Everyone we drafted. I am still trying to learn them first. The way I look at it is, whoever comes on this team, I am willing to help, with the same common goal to win a championship, that is all that matters.

Rich Cimini – ESPN: You seem pretty confident in saying that the team will be better this year. Why do you believe that?

McLendon: Because I believe in my team and I always will. I just know the type of work that we will continue to put in. I have been talking to a lot of the guys. We have been communicating this whole off-season. We have been doing little at home workouts, pushing each other. We continue to push each other when we are not together, so I can imagine what it will be like when we get together.

Brian Costello – New York Post: How do you go about building team chemistry when your not together?

McLendon: The biggest thing is everybody getting on those calls (the virtual off-season program), trying to learn as much as possible. A lot of my teammates are here in Georgia. I’m going to do some things in Georgia for the guys who are here, especially a lot of these young guys. I want to get them to come out so I can just meet them, know more about them, not only know more about them, especially the young guys who have just been drafted or the free agent guys.

I want to give them the opportunity to come in ahead of the game. It’s a very unique situation for them and us. If they are already in Georgia, I am going to have them come and check [my] gym out, then I can teach them how the game goes and slow the game down. It’s a lot to learn. This is a tough situation. I’m open to it.


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