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CBS announces ratings for Super Bowl 02.04.19

The CBS Television Network’s coverage of Super Bowl LIII featuring the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, Feb 3 (6:32-10:05 PM, ET) posted a Total Audience Delivery of 100.7 million viewers, across all platforms including CBS Television Network, CBS Interactive, NFL digital properties, Verizon Media mobile properties and ESPN Deportes television and digital properties.

Super Bowl LIII was watched on CBS in all-or-part by 149.0 million (Persons 2+) viewers on an all-or-part basis according to Nielsen’s Fast Total Audience Estimates.

The home markets of CBS Owned and Operated stations in Los Angeles and Boston scored with viewership as the most-watched Super Bowl ever on KCBS (Los Angeles) and WBZ (Boston).

Should Jamal be involved in Jets personnel decisions? 01.30.19

This is certainly a different approach in the NFL.

It’s very NBA-like.

Jamal Adams clearly wants to be involved in the Jets’ player personnel decisions.

Brian Costello tweeted from Atlanta, “Just spoke to Jamal Adams on radio row. He had lunch with Le’Veon Bell’s agent at the Pro Bowl. The recruitment has begun.”

This is very unusual. Usually it’s the GM who meets with agents about their free agent players, not players.

After the season, Adams kind of called the Jets’ player personnel department on the carpet.

“We need more players and we need more dogs, simple as that,” Adams said. “You have to go get players, man. You have to get big-time players. It’s simple. You look at the Saints. You look at the Rams. You look at the Chicago Bears. You look at all those teams. You have to go get players.

“We have talent. We’re just not all the way there. You can’t beat around the bush. That’s why we’ve been losing. We’ve been beating around the bush. You can’t beat around the bush. You have to get real with yourself.”

Recently Adams went on twitter to lobby for Antonio Brown, “Yo @AB84 NYC will appreciate you!! #JETS.”

Last year he lobbied for Dez Bryant after Dallas released him.

“88 You know where to come!,” Adams tweeted.

Clearly Adams wants a seat at table when it comes to Jets’ player personnel decisions.

It will be interesting to see if Jets GM Mike Maccagnan and coach Adam Gase give him one.


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Jets GM gotta listen to Adam and Gregg on roster 01.29.19

Jets GM Mike Maccagnan still has final say on the Jets’ roster.

However, the Jets have two new guys running their offense and defense, who come in with different worldviews of what they’re looking for. Adam Gase is running the offense and Gregg Williams is running the defense.

Gase and Williams are going to review the game tape from the last couple of years, and could look at some players way differently than Maccagnan. Guys who the GM might like, they might not.

As Nick Saban likes to say, “Everyone looks at the world through a different set of eyes.”

Gase and Williams might want to make myriad changes to the roster, and it will be interesting to see if Maccagnan pushes back. After all, he brought all these players in, and has final say on the roster.

Gase and Williams are two objective observers, coming in from the outside, who will watch all the film from the last couple of years, 5-11 and 4-12 seasons, and give a blunt assessment of the Jets’ roster with no rose-colored glasses.

Maccagnan (and Christopher Johnson) need to listen to their assessments, and act accordingly.

Everyone needs to check their egos at the door.


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Interesting note about Gase/Manning in ESPN Browns story 01.24.19

ESPN reporter Seth Wickersham has a fascinating piece on the channel’s website about the struggles of the Cleveland Browns’ organization.

It’s no secret the Browns, under owner Jimmy Haslam, have made a lot of coaching changes.

Buried in the middle of this long piece, Wickersham mentioned that at one point, Peyton Manning recommended Adam Gase to Haslam for the Browns’ job.

“(Peyton) Manning raved to Haslam about then-Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase,” wrote Wickersham.

Sound familiar?

Manning made the same recommendation to the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, who both hired Gase to be their head coach.


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Jets meet with a couple of O-Linemen at Sr. Bowl 01.23.19

Mobile – The Jets might be in the market for some offensive line help in the 2019 draft.

Jets scouts and personnel executives met with two offensive linemen at the Senior Bowl this week, Oklahoma guard Dru Samia and Kansas State tackle Dalton Risner.

While Risner played right tackle for the Wildcats for the last three years, he could move inside to guard or center on the next level. He played center as a freshman.

Obviously the Jets have met with more lineman in Mobile than just Samia and Risner, but those are the two we know about.

As we find out more names, we will let you know.


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Great TV ratings for Pats-Chiefs game 01.21.19

*CBS Sports’ coverage of the New England-Kansas City AFC Championship Game on Sunday, Jan. 20 (6:45-10:15 PM, ET) earned a 31.2/48 average overnight household rating/share in the metered markets, the highest-rated late-window Conference Championship Game in seven years (1/22/12; 33.4/48 HH rating/share; New York Giants-San Francisco).

The Patriots-Chiefs game saw ratings up +26% from last year’s comparable Championship Game window (24.7/38 for Minnesota-Philadelphia in last year’s late-game).

This year’s AFC Championship Game also is the highest-rated program on television since Super Bowl LII programming last year (2/4/18; Philadelphia-New England).

This year’s AFC Championship Game rating peaked with a 36.1/54 from 10:00-10:15 PM, ET.

Top 5 Markets:

Kansas City 60.1/83
Boston 58.5/76
Providence 45.6/61
Buffalo 38.7/51
Hartford 37.7/51

*Press release

Could this Jets assistant stay? 01.09.19

With Ian Rapoport, Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington’s announcement that Adam Gase will be the next Jets’ coach, you start to wonder about his staff.

Will any coaches from the 2018 staff be retained?

It’s hard to say, but keep an eye on offensive line coach Rick Dennison.

Like Gase, he has roots with the Denver Broncos, and they have worked together.

So Gase will probably consider keeping him around.

Stay tuned.


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The Jets Hire Adam Gase – My take . . . 01.09.19

Adam Schefter, Ian Rapoport and Jeff Darlington announced that the Jets will hire Adam Gase as their new head coach.

Gase is considered one of the top offensive minds in football.

After the Dolphins beat the Jets 20-12 at MetLife Stadium in September, Miami receiver Albert Wilson described Gase as “an offensive genius.”

Only time will tell how this turns out, but I have no problem with the Jets rolling the dice on a top-shelf offensive mind who isn’t afraid to bench people who underperform. And believe you me, this dude will bench people.

My gut tells me Gase, who’s extremely bright, is one of those guys who will do better his second time around as a head coach, like Bill Belichick.


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The type of guy Christopher needs to hire . . . 01.07.19

is . . .

1)A great leader of men – an alpha dog who commands a room.

2)A top-shelf X’s and O’s guy.

3)Somebody who has been a head coach before, either in the NFL or college – the last four Jets’ coaches had to learn on the job. Enough of that.

4)A coach who will hold his players accountable at all times.

5)A coach not afraid to bench anybody not getting the job done regardless of draft round or salary.

6)A coach who can handle the NY media.


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Jets better option for McCarthy than CL, TB or AZ 01.03.19

Four of the teams free agent coach Mike McCarthy has been attached to in the rumor mill are Cleveland, Arizona, Tampa Bay and the Jets.

All four teams have young quarterbacks – Baker Mayfield (Cleveland), Josh Rosen (Arizona), Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay) and Sam Darnold (Jets).

McCarthy got fired during the season by Green Bay, and one of the reported reasons was he butted heads with franchise QB Aaron Rodgers.

So for his next job, he should probably try to get to a team with a QB who isn’t high maintenance or a prima donna.

Darnold seems to be the most coachable and easiest to deal in this group of four.

Mayfield is a terrific player, but can be a pain in the butt. We all know that. He can be a bucking bronco, and let’s not forget he was arrested for public intoxication and fleeing/resisting arrest in February 2017, so he’s no angel.

One of the reasons Rosen slipped in the draft was he wasn’t every coach’s cup of coffee. He can be hard to coach, and as draft guru Lance Zierlein wrote on NFL.com, “Scouts question his passion for football and whether he will be a willing student.”

Winston’s questionable behavior, legal issues and inconsistent play are well-documented.

So if you’re McCarthy, and had to chose between coaching Mayfield, Rosen, Winston or Darnold, wouldn’t you go with Darnold?

He’s eager and down-to-earth. There’s no drama around this guy. He just wants to play ball and continue to get better.

After McCarthy dealt with all the Rodgers’ drama in Green Bay, don’t you think he could use the antithesis of that at the QB position moving forward, and Darnold would give him that.


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NFL names Caesars official casino sponsor 01.03.19

*NEW YORK, NY & LAS VEGAS, NV (Jan. 3, 2019) – The National Football League today announced they have selected Caesars Entertainment Corporation (NASDAQ: CZR) as the first ever Official Casino Sponsor of the NFL.

Beginning with the upcoming 2019 NFL playoffs, this multi-year sponsorship is focused on Caesars providing unique experiences for NFL fans by using its casino properties, celebrity chefs, premier music artists, and a wide range of entertainment elements.

Caesars will have the exclusive right to use NFL trademarks in the United States and the United Kingdom to promote Caesars casino properties and activate at key NFL events including the Super Bowl and NFL Draft.

Seven NFL Clubs have relationships with Caesars Entertainment, including the Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Colts, Saints, Raiders, and Eagles. These partnerships along with the new League deal are for the Casino category only and do not include sports betting, daily fantasy or hotels/resorts.

Caesars, alongside other properties on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, will host elements of the 2020 Draft in coordination with the City of Las Vegas to help create this historic event.

*Press release

Jets need to ignore the white noise during coaching search 01.01.19

Ignore the noise.

In their coaching search, the Jets can’t worry about how the media and fans will react to a choice.

Yesterday, I wrote a little about Ian Rapoport’s announcement that the Jets want to interview Tampa Bay OC Todd Monken.

And some didn’t react well to the news on Twitter.

This made me realize how important it is for the Jets to avoid governing by public opinion polls in this search.

It’s been speculated the former Jets’ owner lost interest in Doug Marrone (in 2015) after a smear campaign in the Daily News that made the coach look bad.

That sort of the thing can’t happen this time around.

The Jets need to do an extensive search and find a a great fit for their job opening. They need to find an alpha dog leader, outstanding strategist and tremendous communicator who will hold players accountable.

They can’t, at any point, worry how a candidate will look to the fans or media. This might’ve happened in 2015. It can’t happen this time around.

I’m not putting Monken in Canton, but if they happen to decide he’s the best fit for them, go for it.

Do not worry about how the public and media will react.

The only thing that matters is how the hiring turns out in the long run, not the reaction of people when the hiring is announced.


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Jets need to ignore these people at all costs 12.31.18

In the process of looking for a coach, the Jets need to ignore the advice of certain kinds of people.

They need to stay away league-appointed consultants with agendas. So often these guys push people who used to work with them.

Also, don’t listen to NFL reporters pushing “hot” candidates. So often these “insiders” push coaches who leak stuff to them. So, in return for scoops, these NFL insiders push these guys for head coaching jobs.

Or they push candidates represented by agents who consistently leak stories to them.

You know the old saying, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”

This is quid pro quo journalism, so ignore what these people say about “hot” candidates you should hire.

Do your own research and ignore people with agendas who aren’t looking out for your best interests.


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Jets should get a guy whose done it 12.31.18

With the Jets looking for a new coach, here is one type of candidate they should try and skip this time around:

Avoid hiring a coordinator whose never been a head coach before.

It’s time for the Jets to hire a guy with head coaching experience.

Their last four head coaches were coordinators who had never done the job before. It’s time for a guy who enters the building knowing how to do the job, not somebody who needs of a year or two to figure it out.

This is NY, the #1 market, enough of this learning on the job stuff. This is Broadway, not summer stock theatre.

And after eight years out of the playoffs, this isn’t a good time for the Jets to hire a head coaching novice who will use 2019 to figure out how to do the job.

The Jets need to hire a proven head coaching commodity.


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NFL.com says Jets interest in Harbaugh “was real” 12.26.18

On December 23, there was a rumor on an NBC website that if the Jets make a coaching change they’re “planning to make a run at (Jim) Harbaugh after the season ends.”

On December 24, the Jets responded to this rumor with a statement from team owner Christopher Johnson:

“Todd Bowles is our Head Coach. There is no truth to the report of our interest in Jim Harbaugh.”

On December 26, NFL.com had a report backing the NBC story that the Jets were interested in Harbaugh.

In a story co-written by Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero listing potential candidates for NFL head coaching jobs, the scribes wrote about Harbaugh: “Jets’ interest was real, but no signs he wants to bolt his alma mater.”

So the NFL’s own website, owned by the league, is saying the Jets interest in Harbaugh “was real.”

It might be time for another statement.


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Williams on his ejection . . . 12.23.18

Q)Why did you throw a punch (at Brian Bulaga)?

Leonard Williams: I fully regret it. I wish I could’ve been there for my teammates – especially in this good game, it was a close game. They went into overtime and everything, I wish that I could have been out there on the field when it was crunch time to help. There’s no excuses for what I did. I just overreacted, that’s the best thing that I can say there was a little bit of extra touching and stuff like that after the play. I just overreacted.

Q)Did you say anything to Bryan Bulaga?

Williams: No, there was nothing said. It was just like I said, there was a bunch of extra grabbing and hands after the play.

Q)Are you surprised you reacted that way?

Williams: It was really uncharacteristic of me. I’m a pro now. I’ve been in the league for four years. I know that it’s always the second guy who gets looked at and gets ejected. It’s always the second guy that reacts, that gets in trouble. I know that I shouldn’t have done that. I know that I shouldn’t have reacted. My emotions just got high and they took over. I didn’t make a smart decision.

Q)Was it more frustrating that you couldn’t close the game with your team in a close game?

Williams: Yeah, that’s what makes it really hard, honestly. Nothing personal, it’s just the fact that I couldn’t be out there with my team. Especially when they’re out there fighting hard. Seeing the defensive line take extra reps because they didn’t have as much rotation because they took me out. There’s nothing I could do but watch. It just sucks that in the middle of this game I was just watching and that’s all I could do. I’ve never missed a game since I’ve been here. I’m always taking a lot of snaps, I’m always on the field and like I said, it’s uncharacteristic of me.

I’m not a dirty player, I wouldn’t say that I’m a dirty player. Most people that know me and played against me wouldn’t say that as well. I think my emotions got high and it was a lot of extra touching and I overreacted.

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