A totally different view of the Jets win over Cincy Dan Leberfeld

Now for a different perspective on the Jets’ 25-17 preseason win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday night.

While the Jets were happy with the victory, the Cincinnati preseason broadcast team of Brad Johansen and Anthony Munoz didn’t come away impressed.

“[The Jets] got beat handily by the first team on both sides of the ball,” said Johansen.

The Bengals played their starters for just about one quarter, and built a 17-3 lead.

During that time, their starting quarterback Andy Dalton was 8 of 8 passing for 144 yards and perfect quarterback rating (158.3).

“The Bengals first-team offense gets it done,” said Johansen

The Jets’ fortunes changed in the second quarter, when their starters played against the Bengals’ backups.

A big theme entering this game was the Jets getting some revenge for last year’s 49-9 drubbing at the hands of the Bengals.

Munoz doesn’t think that happened.

“200 yards of penalties and not doing anything early in the game, I don’t know if this would qualify as revenge,” Munoz said late in the broadcast.

Munoz also wasn’t impressed with the Jets’ six personal fouls in the first half.

“The Jets [showed] a lack of composure in the first half,” said Anthony Munoz. “A lot of frustration on both sides of the ball because they were getting beat up.”

So as you can see, an entirely different view of Saturday night in Cincy.