Q-and-A with Shaq Evans Dan Leberfeld

Q)Who do you model your game after?

Shaq Evans – UCLA: Definitely Andre Johnson. I grew up a University of Miami fan, so I watched him during college and in the NFL. He’s a bigger-bodied receiver like myself, between 210-220, and he’s a guy who can run every route. I feel like I’m a guy who can run every route. He’s also a guy that’s physical, and I feel like I’m physical, especially at the line of scrimmage. He’s willing to block, and I’m willing to block also. That’s who I model my game after.

Q)What is your size?

Evans: 6-1, 213

Q)What has the draft process been like?

Evans: This is a grind. You’ve got to go out and put your best foot forward, no matter how you’re feeling. There’s no ideal situation in the NFL. There’s going to be times when you’re not feeling it. There’s going to be bad weather, things like that. You’ve got to learn how to adapt and adjust. That’s what the NFL’s about, adjusting all the time. If you’re tired, you’ve got to go out there and find that extra motivation.

Q)What did your college coach, Jim Mora, tell you about the next level?

Evans: It’s your job now. It’s not like college where you’re going to have a lot of downtime, time to hang out with your friends, go out and have fun all the time. It’s serious. You’ve got to be in there watching film even more, breaking down defenses, learning more about the game, becoming a pro. Now it’s your job.

Q)Will playing under a former NFL coach in college help you in the transition to the next level?

Evans: The whole staff brought that type of mentality to our team. It wasn’t like college coaches where they’re always trying to follow you or be all up in your business. They treated us like pros a little bit. As long as we handled our business, they weren’t checking up on us like we were little kids. It was a good experience having those guys there.

Q)Was there a “I’m ready for the NFL,” moment?

Evans: That Arizona game. I felt like I knew I was ready for the NFL. That two-toe drag in the back of the end zone let me know, like, yeah, I can do this a little bit.