Another potential middle round steal – WR Mike Davis Craig Thomas

Q)How exciting is it to get this point, where you are likely going to be drafted?

Davis: It’s a blessing, I mean, the way I grew up – single parent – we didn’t have nothing. Getting to come up through the University and get to this point without anything bad in the media from me or getting into any trouble – it’s a great deal.

Q)Why did you return for your senior season at Texas?

Davis: I feel like it (benefited me). I feel like I owed to the state, the city, Texas, the fans, there were just more plays for me left on the field there. I feel like, by me coming back, I was able to put more on film as far as my blocking and those little things.

Q)What part of game have you improved the most?

Davis: I’d say my blocking.

Q)How comfortable are you playing in the slot?

Davis: A lot of people think I’m just a deep-threat receiver. I don’t just run straight. I take pride in my route running so I can play the slot, too. All kinds of option routes, slant routes. I can go outside also – I can go over the top if it’s needed.

Q)You were considered a leader at Texas. How did that show itself . . .

Davis: I just told (the young receivers on campus) from Day 1 – come in, stay out of trouble, you always want to be on somebody’s good side, you don’t want to be one of these players that’s always questionable. you know – doing something wrong and not going to class- That’s the first thing. I just took them into my hands – staying after practice with them, running routes with them, teach them how to run routes.