Antonio Cromartie angle is revisionist history Dan Leberfeld

The Jets are getting second-guessed by some for not re-signing Antonio Cromartie, in light of their current rash of injuries at cornerback.

What about his aversion to playing press coverage, an integral part of Rex Ryan’s defense?

“Cro had a tendency to drift back before the snap instead of crowding the line,” wrote author Nick Dawidoff, who was embedded with the Jets in 2011, and authored the book, “Collision Low Crossers.”

What about his aversion to being physical as a tackler?

“Cro’s like an NBA player who hates to play defense,” said former Jets linebacker coach Bob Sutton, in “Collision Low Crossers.”

After Cromartie ducked a tackle, one Jets coach cracked, “He already made his one for the day.” This quote was also in “Collision Low Crossers.”

What about his constant jersey-grabbing that led to a myriad of pass interference penalties?

What about his inability to deal with criticism from coaches?

“Cro so detested criticism that he shut down in response to it,” wrote Dawidoff.

“Cro can’t take authority,” Darrelle Revis told Dawidoff in the book.

It was time for the Jets to move on.

And Cromartie probably needed a change of scenery as well.