Baltimore Ravens owner Bisciotti on Jets and Giants request Dan Leberfeld

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti was interviewed by James Brown of CBS Sports about the Ray Rice situation.

He brought up the Jets and Giants during the interview . . .

James Brown: What did the Baltimore Ravens’ own investigation consist of and how far did it go?

Bisciotti: Of course we knew that there was other video and our security did the steps that they normally would. They called the casino and they would not release it. They called the Jets and the Giants and said, ‘Do you have any influence, is there any way that you can help us?’ They called back and said no, that they would not release it. The prosecutor said yesterday that would have been illegal. If I had said to Ray [Rice] and his attorney I can’t keep you on this team until I see that tape, I would have seen the tape and I would have sent it to Roger [Goodell] and said you have to look at this tape before you render your decision.