Bart and his agent need to chill out Dan Leberfeld

Bart Scott and his agent Harold Lewis need to calm down.

The linebacker is guaranteed $4.2 million for the 2012 season.

Where in his contract does it say, he gets to make all that money, and tell the Jets how to run their defense?

And as for Scott possibly wanting a trade, where is the market for a linebacker who turns 32 in August, who is average playing in space (he’s very good in the box.)

If Scott and Lewis could work out a trade, the linebacker would likely have to take a big pay cut with his new team.

Do you really think Scott is interested in doing that? Do you really think he’s going to go somewhere else, and have his salary cut from $4.2, to say $1.5? Get real.

If the Jets want to pay Scott $4.2 million to play 60-70 percent of the time, and he’s UNDER CONTRACT, shouldn’t he just do what they ask him to do?

Isn’t that generally how it works in the real world?