Becton on no field work Dan Leberfeld

Mekhi Becton had a Zoom teleconference with the media on Monday, and here is what he had to say:

Rich Cimini – ESPN: Can you walk us through what you’ve been able to do so far virtually with the other rookies, or the coaches, and what have you been able to absorb from that time?

Mekhi Becton – Jets offensive tackle: Right now we have just been doing a lot of virtual meetings. I have seen their faces, but I haven’t talked to any of the vets yet, like sat down and get to know them personally. We have just been doing meetings. The rookies have been doing side meetings on their own with the vets.

I have just been studying, doing extra studying with the playbook.

Al Iannazzone – Newsday: Mekhi can you tell us what you’ve been doing when you’re on your own aside from the virtual meetings since the draft?

Becton: I’ve training with Duke Manyweather (in Texas). I’m still going to his house and training. It’s been the same routine I’ve been doing, (the only difference is) I’m on a team right now.

Cimini: Is it weird, you haven’t played football in a long time, and it’s probably been five months since you played a football game. No spring practice. What has this entire process been like?

Becton: It’s definitely been weird because I can’t walk on the field and physically go through the plays so I can get a better understanding of it. That would be the only weird aspect of it, not being able to go on the field and go over the plays we’ve been going on in meetings.

Kim Jones – NFL Network: With your big personality, how much do you embrace the responsibility you now have to protect Sam Darnold?

Becton: It doesn’t really matter who’s the quarterback. I’m going to have to protect them either way. It’s not pressure at all because I’m going to have to protect the quarterback no matter who is back there. It’s going to be real fun. I can’t wait to protect him.

Iannazzone: Have you had a chance to talk to Sam?

Becton: Me and Sam have actually texted each other the other day. So I’m definitely going to find a way to form a relationship between us soon or later. I texted Le’Veon Bell as well.

Iannazzone: What did Bell say to you?

Becton: Pretty much that I lock his number in – same as Sam Darnold. I want to try an get to know those two guys.

Cimini: What are you rookie goals this year?

Becton: I want to start as a rookie and make the playoffs. Those are my rookie goals.

Cimini: Do you have a uniform number yet. If not, what would your preference be?

Becton: I’ve talked to Joe Douglas about it and I told him I wanted to wear 77. I don’t know if I got it yet or not.

Cimini: What is the significance of 77?

Becton: Just a different number. I wanted to try something new. I didn’t feel right in 70. That is my high school number and then 73 is retired. I felt like 77 is like a different journey, a new journey to start.


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