Bill Cowher on Geno Smith/MIchael Vick Dan Leberfeld

On the CBS NFL post-game show, analyst Bill Cowher said the Jets need to go with Michael Vick at quarterback.

“Right now, you need to start Michael Vick,” Cowher said. “Geno Smith right now needs to sit back and watch this game. Give Michael Vick all the snaps with the first team. Let him try to infuse some degree of purpose, of direction, with them because he is a veteran.

“Geno Smith was not seeing things in this game. He was missing wide open players. He was making very poor decisions. I think the thing you do is let him sit on the sideline, let him watch right now. I would say Michael Vick is my starter. I’m giving him a week’s work, and I work from there. That is what you have to do at this point because right now Geno needs to take a step back. Otherwise, you’re going to throw him in there, you’re going to lose this kid.”