Bobby April exclusive with Charlie Frankel Dan Leberfeld

Charlie Frankel of recently got an exclusive interview with the team’s new linebacker coach, Bobby April.

April certainly sounds like a take-charge guy.

“I’m really excited about getting in the meeting room, controlling the meetings and being able to put my own terminology in,” April told Frankel. “Also, I’m looking forward to interacting with the players outside of the assistant linebacker coach role. When they come with a question, the answer that I give is the answer that we’re going to do. In the past, it was ‘Let’s go double-check this with BVG (Brian VanGorder).’ Now that’s out.”

April is just 32.

“It can be a strange deal when you’re working with players like Calvin (Pace) who are older than you,” he said, “but if you can help them get better, no matter your age, no matter what you do, that’s what they want.”

We will see if he can do that.