Boomer – Geno should sit for lesson Dan Leberfeld

Former NFL QB Boomer Esiason doesn’t think Rex Ryan has handled Geno Smith well, considering some of the quarterback’s recent actions.

“As a quarterback, we are the ones who set the tone,” Esiason said on Showtime. “We have to be there first, and we have to be out of there last. The thing with Geno Smith this week, Rex Ryan had a real opportunity here to say, ‘You know what, you are not playing son. We supported you this entire week. You had a horrendous week. You’ve played poorly. You’ve turned the ball over. You cussed out a fan. You show up late to a meeting. You played poorly against San Diego.’ Sooner-or-later you have to get treated like a man. I think Rex Ryan really missed an opportunity to sit that young man down, play Michael Vick and bring up Matt Simms as the backup.”