Bowles knows the Jets need to get one Dan Leberfeld

Mobile – It’s pretty obvious what the Jets need to get.

But they don’t grow on trees.

The Jets need a dynamic edge-passer, a game-wrecker coming off the edge.

But Todd Bowles made it clear, the guy needs to be more than just a speed-rusher.

“It’s more than speed,” Bowles told Daily News writer Manish Mehta in an exclusive interview at the Senior Bowl. “You have to an array of moves and have a passion for getting to the quarterback as well as the speed. … Yeah, it’s what you’d love to have, but those guys are like rare quarterbacks. You don’t see them much. And it’s hard to get them if you’re not picking very high.”

Picking 20th, would the Jets take a chance on Eastern Kentucky outside linebacker Noah Spence, who had an off-the-field issue (with Ecstacy) a couple of years ago?

He might be the best edge-rusher in the draft.

Are his problems behind him?