Cimini did nothing wrong Dan Leberfeld

Cortland – As most of you know by now, Michael Vick ended his press conference abruptly on Thursday, after a question from ESPN’s Rich Cimini he didn’t like.

I was there.

Cimini did nothing wrong.

And quitely honestly, neither did Vick.

Cimini asked if a decision on the starting quarterback had been made, based on Geno Smith getting most of the reps.

“Decision about what?” Vick replied.

“The quarterback job,” Cimini responded.

“I’m outta here,” Vick said. “Y’all have a good one.”

“That’s a fair question,” Cimini said to Vick as he walked by him.

“It’s a fair question, man,” Vick said as he walked away.

It was a fair question.

And it’s a reporter’s job to ask the tough questions, drill down, if you will.

Vick also probably did the right thing not answering it, and saying something he might regret.

Also keep in mind, the press conference was only scheduled to be three minutes, and was about to wrap up anyway.

So I have no issue with Cimini or Vick.

One was doing his job, and the other was trying to steer clear of controversy.