Dan’s Web Whispers – Chad, Drew and Chaz Dan Leberfeld

Let’s be honest about Chad Henne.

Aside from money, which is probably going to be close in most places, he’s looking for a place with the starting quarterback isn’t very good – vulnerable.

He’s not in a great position now, when you look at the NFL landscape, to go in as the starter.

But in places like Seattle, Jacksonville and Cleveland, the starters are very shaky, and he could get on the field rather quickly, if those teams get off to rough starts.

Remember, in Jacksonville, while they did pick a quarterback in the first round last year, they have a new head coach and owner since then.

And Blaine Gabbert has MAJOR pocket presence issues.

The point I’m getting at here is simple – Mark Sanchez, whether you think he’s good or not, isn’t really on shaky ground in 2012, with his five-year contract extension top heavy in money for the first two years of the contract.

And like in the past, it’s a longshot that Rex pulls him at any point, unless things get totally out of hand.

So Henne is likely going to go to one of those other three spots (after this story was posted, he signed with Jacksonville) . . .

The guy that makes a lot of sense for the Jets is Drew Stanton, who is visiting on Thursday.

After coming in as the Lions second round pick in 2007, he really hasn’t had much of a chance. He was picked by GM Matt Millen who is long gone.
The regime that took over had no allegiance to him. He’s looking for fresh start.

“He wants out of Detroit,” said an acquaintance of Stanton. “He’s hungry to play. He can win games. He’s a fierce competitor.”

Obviously if Stanton signs with the Jets, he’s not going to start, but he would likely be the #2, with Greg McElroy as the #3.

In Detroit he has been the #3.

So if he came to New York, he would be one injury away from taking the field, not two.

Stanton is an excellent athlete, but he needs to learn to use more discretion as a scrambler.

He has been injury-prone because he’s such a competitor, he doesn’t know when to go down when scrambling.

If the Jets are looking for a backup, with some game experience (Stanton did get to play in Detroit when both Matt Stafford and Shaun Hill got hurt), who wouldn’t cost them a fortune, Stanton seems like a good fit . . .

As you all know by now, the Jets are interested in free agent wide receiver Chad Schilens.

JC and other outlets raved about his size-speed ratio over the last few days. He is 6-4, 225 pounds, and ran a 4.33 forty at the combine.

But upon further review, while he does have great track speed, he doesn’t really play to that speed.

I caught up with a source close to the Raiders today, and he had good things to say about Schilens, but said he was never a player in Oakland who blew by people.

The source said Schilens is a good route runner with solid hands, a good potential #2 receiver, but not source was hesitant to anoint him as the answer to the Jets need for a deep threat.

“Santonio Holmes is faster,” said the source.

And that has been my point all along.

This idea that the Jets to get a deep threat is bizarre to me because Holmes has world class speed.

The fact that they didn’t throw to him down field much last year had a lot to do with the offensive line issues, and the lack of ideal time to throw deep.

Sanchez was taking so many hits early in the year, the Jets decided to focus on a short passing game, for the sake of their QB’s health.