Question for Mr. Johnson – What happened with Demario? Dan Leberfeld

Who saw this coming?

Demario Davis was the Jets’ best linebacker last year (talking inside and outside).

He led the team in tackles and sacks.

He was also one of their top leaders in their locker room and on the field, a player with tremendous character, who usually gave the pregame speeches to his teammates.

He took a paycut to come back to the Jets last off-season in a trade; that is how badly he wanted to be a Jet.

And now it looks like he’s being replaced by Avery Williamson.

Perhaps Davis was looking for too much money, but what about negotiating a little longer and meeting in the middle? You negotiated with Ryan Fitzpatrick into the summer, you couldn’t work a little longer with Davis and his agent?

Why move to replace him so quickly? Williamson is a solid player, but did you need to rush to the cash register to pay for him?

Davis had a terrific season in 2017 and the owner really liked the guy – always seeking him out at practice to talk to him. Christopher Johnson and Davis worked together to help the Jets handle the anthem controversy very well. Where is Christopher Johnson on this one? Why not tell your football brass – “Work this out with Demario!” The owner has that power, last time I checked.

This whole situation seems odd and perhaps could have been handled better.

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