Decker – “I love this team” Dan Leberfeld

Q)Were you surprised that New England elected to kick in overtime?

Eric Decker: Obviously, they had a plan for what they wanted to do on that side. We knew once we received the football in overtime, we had to take care of business on that drive and all the guys stepped up and made some great plays. Fitz made some great throws. It was a fun way to end the game.

Q)What was it like catching the game-winning touchdown?

Decker: It was thrilling. Those are the moments that you cherish. This game was big to us to keep us in the playoff hunt. The way we all finished, I love this team.

QYour thoughts on next week’s game . . .

Decker: That’s what football is all about. We control our own destiny now. (If) you take care of business, you allow yourself to keep playing in January. We know that we have a lot of work to do. Buffalo beat us last time here at home. We (have to) get a good week of prep and get ready to go on Sunday.

Q)What was it like celebrating with the fans after the game-winning touchdown?

Decker: It’s a beautiful thing. Those are the moments you cherish and remember. The way we’ve been playing the game the past five weeks is what it’s all about.