Decker loves playing opposite Marshall Dan Leberfeld

Q)What is it like playing with Brandon Marshall?

Eric Decker: It definitely opens it up. It makes it easier to run routes and get one-on-one matchups. To have someone of his caliber to lean on in situations, it makes holes in the middle open and I can do my job.

Q)What are your thoughts on the play of Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Decker: He gets the job done. He’s made some really good decisions these last three games. He’s led us down the field in critical situations. It’s not anything that’s flashy, he just makes the right reads and does the right thing.

Q)Your thoughts on the playoff race . . .

Decker: We have to take care of our business, and that’s all that we can control. The focus is to make sure we execute and play the best football we can play. Obviously, we hope that we get one more game ahead of (the other teams in the playoff race) so that we’re in a good position.

Q)Was the (Titan game) the Jets’ most complete performance of the season?

Decker: The first half, I would say definitely. The second half, we didn’t do as much offensively as far as scoring points, but the defense played well. Special teams was solid. All around we took care of the football and we all did our jobs.