Dennis Thurman on Jets CB situation Dan Leberfeld

Q)Are you trying different guys to fill the spots of the injured guys?

Dennis Thurman: What we’re doing is we’re mixing guys in and we want to see the different combinations that we have available to us right now.

Q)How did Antonio Allen play against Cincinnati?

Thurman: For the first time over there, he did okay. He’s long. He’s athletic. He’s talented. We have to get him up to speed on some of his technique and fundamentals, but he’s working at it. It’s not something that’s just going to come. It’s something he’s going to have to work at and we’re going to have to be patient.

I feel like he has a chance to be successful because he is a good athlete and he can cover man-to-man.

Q)Is playing Allen a short-term thing?

Thurman: We’re not sure. We’re not certain that he’s going to stay there 100 percent. It’s an experiment that we’re working with right now. Right now it’s an experiment. We’re not sure how far it’s going to go.

Q)Why didn’t Allen press A.J. Green at the line on his deep reception?

Thurman: That match-up is a tough match-up. On that one play he got behind him. He didn’t score. I don’t know. It’s one of those situations where he knew what he was going to do and for some reason it just didn’t happen.

Q)How much has the cornerback position changed since you played?

Thurman: Prehistoric when they only threw the ball 20 times a game, (it) has changed a lot. The five yard rule was in effect when I first came in the league, but they were a little more liberal with it than they are now. They threw the ball 25-30 times in a game (and) you felt like it was a lot. But they’re throwing that in a half now.

The premium on technique and fundamentals and being able to do it play after play after play, and the consistency of that is much more important than it was back then.