Did Idzik say everything is great? Dan Leberfeld

While one New York columnist claimed John Idzik said everything was “great” in his press conference yesterday, that really isn’t accurate. Here is some of what the GM said about what needs to improve with his team . . .

“I think it is that lack of consistency. We do it, but we don’t do it all the time. And our inability to finish, finish drives, our red zone efficiency, red zone efficiency both offensively and defensively, we must improve.

“I am not big on stats (to) explain things. I think sometimes it can come off as excuses and we aren’t about excuses. But there is one telling stat that we all know holds true in our league and it governs or significantly effects the be-all, end-all stat and that is the score. That is turnovers, we are dead last in the league in turnover ratio. We stress it. We preach it. We study it. We practice it. We need must apply it. It is no more evident than [against the Bills], turning the ball over six times. We turned the ball over four times and we still got it within a score. Not good enough. We know it, we need to do it now.

“I guess what I am saying is, we have done these things in spurts. It is not enough to do them in spurts in the National Football League. You need to do it continuously. That is habitual. That is something that you learn on Monday, you apply it on Wednesday and (you) take it right into Sunday.”

The Jets also need to improve their personnel evaluation process.

But to act like Idzik said everything is “great” is a little bit of mischaracterization of what took place on Monday.