Don’t worry about the media reaction Dan Leberfeld

The Jets elevated nose tackle Martin Tevaseu from the practice squad earlier this week.

For the first five games of the season, the Jets have played with no backup nose tackle.

Sione Pouha needs some help. They are playing him too much. He’s getting worn out.

So it’s possible “MTV” will back him up this week, and get some reps.

And if “MTV” plays ahead of 2011 3rd round pick Kenrick Ellis, some in the media will create a stir.

It’s time for the Jets to stop worrying about PR, and play the best players. Don’t worry about the reaction of the media.

Ellis has enormous talent, but is a project. And he had no off-season program after the draft. This hurt him a great deal.

Tevaseu is further along in his development.

If the Jets play Tevaseu ahead of Ellis, some will attempt to make a big deal about it. You can write that down.

The Jets can’t worry about this.

Ignore them.