Fitz – You get into trouble trying to do it all on your own Dan Leberfeld

Q)How critical was this win going into December with so many teams with similar record?

Ryan Fitzpatrick: That is what you want. You want to be playing meaningful games in December and that is kind of where we are at right now. This season hasn’t been perfect. There have been a lot of bumps so far, but we’re playing meaningful games right now.

Q)How much pressure did you put on yourself to right the ship this week?

Fitzpatrick: It’s a game where you can’t do it on your own. You need all 11. The second you think you can do it on on your own is when you press and get into some trouble.

Q)How did a feel to get a win after struggling the last couple of weeks?

Fitzpatrick: The theme in the locker room before the game was let’s go out there and have some fun. It’s not a whole lot of fun to not play well and lose. Let’s go out there loose and have some fun and see what happens and I thought that is what we did today.