Giants should be irrelevant to Jets right now Dan Leberfeld

The Jets don’t play the Giants this year.

And they aren’t in the same conference, so they won’t be competing with them for a wild-card spot.

So there is little reason to talk about them in the middle of the week following the Jets-Giants preseason game.

Sheldon Richardson said in today’s New York Post that the Jets are the better team.

“This year, yeah,” Richardson told Steve Serby.

The Giants won “The Snoopy Bowl” on Friday.

“If you’re saying if this was a real game and the 1s were out there, I think it would have been a pretty different game,” Richardson said. “It wouldn’t even be close.”

The Cincinnati Bengals could say this same thing about the Jets. The Jets were losing to Cincinnati 17-3 in Week Two of the preseason, when the Bengals pulled their starters. The Jets ended up winning that game.

But who really cares? Preseason games mean little.

Richardson is a heck of a player with star potential.

But talking about the Giants now is a case of chasing windmills. The Jets have much more pressing issues, including opponents like the Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears early in the season.

The Giants should be irrelevant to the Jets right now.

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