Goodell on improving game-day experience for fans Dan Leberfeld

At the NFL Owner’s Meetings in Arizona this week, Roger Goodell was asked about what the league is doing to improve the experience at stadiums for the fans.

“I think we are all feeling the pressure to add value, to create a better experience for our fans in the stadium.” Goodell said. “We had one of our broadcast partners here, Les Moonves, we talked about that the experience at home is outstanding, and it will continue to get better because of technology. Les made the point: the reality is we want people watching on television saying, ‘I wish I was there. I want to be in that stadium.’

“We’re fortunate. We are at 98 percent capacity on a league-wide basis, which is very positive. We have to find ways not only to bring fans into stadium, but make it a better experience for them. That’s technology, security, making sure we take care of parking, concessions and the other things fans expect. We did spend a lot of time on this.

“We heard directly from some of those fans that were here this week about the things that were important to them, and what we have to do. The very subtle things as an example: instead of season ticket holders, they are season ticket members. We have to start finding ways in which we can engage with those fans on a year-round basis, and to demonstrate how important they really are to the game and our teams.

“I think you will see some very dramatic improvements. Will we have some league-wide efforts that go across all stadiums? Yes, I do see that.”