Highlights of Bowles from Friday Dan Leberfeld

Q)Do you think Sheldon Richardson will play on Sunday?

Todd Bowles: I’ll see him warm up before the game. I’ll make a decision after that. It will be a game-time decision.

Q)Does having a few extra days to prepare for a game, after playing on Thursday, help a team?

Bowles: From an injury standpoint I would say (yes). The fact that it’s the middle of the season and the grind of it all, to get some of those guys back like Bilal (Powell) and Calvin, but other than that, no.

Q)Do the few extra days help with game planning?

Bowles: It helps the coaches that way because they get extra time and they’re not rushed (like) a normal week. That way, it helps out.

Q)Is Ryan Fitzpatrick in a similar situation now, right after surgery, as he was before the surgery?

Bowles: As far as what could happen to him, yes. It’s not any better than it was before he got surgery as far as taking the pain, but he got surgery to get better. It won’t get any worse. I think the tolerance of the pain will be the same.

Q)With left thumb brace he’s wearing this game, will his limitations be the same as the last game?

Bowles: Right now, yes. Basically, it’ll be the same.

Q)How does Romeo Crennel’s 3-4 defense differs from the Jets’ system?

Bowles: They’ve got some big guys down there. They probably play a little more (five) technique and they probably don’t blitz as much. We do a lot of the things the same. We just do some things differently in terms of how we deploy personnel.