I don’t blame Geno Smith Dan Leberfeld

East Rutherford – The current state of the Jets isn’t the fault of Geno Smith.

He’s doing the best he can.

His current vocation is a very tough job.

Being an NFL starting quarterback is one of the toughest assignments in sports. It’s a really, really hard position to play, mentally and physically.

I’ve always felt Smith was rushed into action too quickly. I would have sat him for a couple of years, especially coming out of a gimmicky shot-gun college offense.

I don’t want to hear about the Mark Sanchez injury. That is no excuse to rush him. Find somebody else. Develop him right.

As Mike Mayock said, “You don’t hand him the keys immediately.”

But Smith was given the keys immediately, and he’s giving it the old college try.

He’s a very nice guy. He’s a good person. He’s trying to make this work.

I don’t blame him for the struggles of the Jets’ offense.

I blame the powers-that-be who decided to force him into action, and essentially write-off two seasons, letting him learn on the job.

It’s on them. Not Geno.