I don’t see how this is controversial Dan Leberfeld

This quote seems to be getting a lot of attention, and I don’t know why.

John Idzik was asked on WFAN if he’s “comfortable” with Mark Sanchez as the quarterback.

“I feel comfortable with Mark being a Jet,” Idzik replied. “I told him we’re going to add competition and everyone should be up for it. It’s going to make Mark, and everybody else, better.”

So, what is the big deal?

Sanchez is owed so much money this year, he’s near impossible to move or cut. That is one of many tough issues Idzik inherited.

So let’s say he’s the #2 quarterback, at least you are getting some value from his crazy guaranteed money. How many backups have the kind of game experience that Sanchez has – 52 career starts? That can be very helpful in a backup role – extensive game experience.

How would he deal with being a #2 if that turns out to be the case? Who cares? Deal with it.

To me, Idzik saying, “I feel comfortable with Mark being a Jet,” is far from a controversial quote.