I don’t understand why they would do this . . . Dan Leberfeld

East Rutherford – From an NFL football standpoint, this didn’t make a lot of sense.

The Jets acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin nine days ago, and made him the focal point of their offense today.

Why do that?

You spend an entire off-season and summer installing a system, and then in a mid-season game, you make a new acquisition, who doesn’t know the playbook, the centerpiece in his first outing?

I know the Jets weren’t necessarily loaded with weapons, but that still is no excuse for marking Harvin “the man” offensively so quickly.

If this was high school or Division III college football that is one thing, but you don’t do that in Week 8 of the NFL season. The NFL is a very complex league schematically.

Let Harvin return kicks, and give him a few plays on offense. Don’t blow up the playbook to cater to a new player.

Were they trying to appease Harvin?

Were they trying to justify the trade?

I don’t know, but Harvin led the Jets in touches today with 19. That is crazy.

On pass plays, he has little chemistry with the quarterback(s). On kick returns, he has little chemistry with the blockers.

I’m sorry, this was a bad plan for a player who just got into town.