Idzik is ready Dan Leberfeld

Adam Schefter has announced that John Idzik has emerged as the leading candidate to become the Jets’ new GM.

The more I think about this candidate, the more I like him.

Two things I like about him – he’s extremely bright and he’s paid his dues.

The Dartmouth-graduate has quite a resume for a GM candidate – VP of Football Administratation of the Seattle Seahawks; Senior Director of Football Operations for the Arizona Cardinals; Assistant GM of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He’s not just a cap guy.

He knows football – for years, he’s been in the war rooms; he’s been in the personnel meetings.

He also grew up around football, the son of a coach.

Idzik brings a lot to the table.

And the fact that Jed Hughes spearheaded the search, and this decision wasn’t just made by the lawyers, that gives more creedence to this reported choice.