Interesting stuff going on in Florham Dan Leberfeld

Atlantic Health Training Center – What is going on behind the scenes at One Jets Drive in Florham Park? Here you go . . .

Stephen Hill’s wife (or girlfriend) confronted Daily News reporter Manish Mehta, who wrote a scathing column on the receiver today.

I know people don’t want to hear this, but Hill had a good training camp, except for one day where he had a couple of drops in a driving rain storm.

He might need to get out of here.

The fans and media have turned on him.

He needs a fresh start somewhere else. To so many people in the fan base and the media, he can do no right . . .

Dennis Thurman said the Jets defense “settled down” after their rough start against Cincinnati.

“They settled down after Matt Scott came in the game,” one writer cracked after the press conference.

The Bengals were without their second and third-string quarterbacks, Jason Campbell and A.J. McCarron, against the Jets, so when A.J. Dalton left the game, they went to their fourth-stringer, who faced the Jets starting defense in the second quarter . . .

Cornerback Jeremy Reeves is back to 100 percent after missing a couple weeks with a knee injury.

It turns out, it wasn’t a structural knee injury.

He actually had a cyst on the back of his knee.

It doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s was very, very painful.

He was having a terrific camp before being sidelined. He’s a super quick nickel back good at keeping up with super quick slot receivers. He did the best job of anyone on Jalen Saunders in drills.

Reeves, who ran a 4.27 at this Pro Day, could be a possible heir apparent to Kyle Wilson, who is a free agent after this season . . .

Linebacker Tim Fugger, who was released two weeks ago, was in the locker room today. Unlike most fringe player who get hurt and get sent packing with an injury settlement, he was put on IR, so he gets to stay around. Fugger hurt his knee . . .
There was an interesting exchange between Marty Mornhinweg and beat reporters on the whether there was a quarterback competition. He never really answered the question. John Idzik has created a lot of confusion by re-defining the word.

And when Marty left the podium, he joked about us giving him a hard time.

And a reporter snapped at him about how much confusion they have created.

Look, this isn’t life or death, but the way the Jets have handled this is bizarre.

Cleveland had a quarterback competition.

The Jets claimed they were having one and didn’t . . .

Saunders addressed the media today, but didn’t say what happened to him the other day, when had a medical incident in his car, and seemed to lose control of the vehicle.

Saunders said repeatedly they still aren’t sure what caused his medical incident.

He said he hopes to get back on the field shortly.

And they need him.

Jacoby Ford is an excellent kick returner, but not a good punt returner. He dropped an easy punt to field today (the weather was perfect and there was nobody near him).

Jeremy Kerley is a solid slot receiver, but not a great punt returner, and sometimes his decision making is suspect.

The special teams’ coach brought up Kyle Wilson. He’s kind of a shaky punt returner.

They need Saunders. So they can only hope his medical issue is behind him and he can play.

Eric Decker is the Jets emergency punt returner if they need a guy to go back there and catch the ball. He’s a very sure-handed punt returner . . .

Brian Winters seems poised for a breakout year. He had an awfully impressive play today, where he pulled to the left, and got way in front of the run, and Mornhinweg yelled, “Way to run Brian.”

He showed excellent mobility for a pulling guard on this play . . .


August 20, 2014

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