Is Decker injury really a huge deal? Dan Leberfeld

San Diego – Eric Decker is inactive for the Jets in San Diego.

Obviously, this isn’t the best news for the Jets, but it’s not the end of the world.

Decker is a very solid player, but not a transcendent talent.

While he’s the Jets #1 receiver, on other teams, he would be a two or three.

I personally don’t see a big difference in talent between Decker, and Greg Salas, who will replace him in the starting lineup today. Neither player is a burner, but both run good routes and have excellent hands.

The Jets also got a break with the announcement that David Nelson (ankle) will be active. Honestly, while Decker is better than Nelson, I don’t see a huge gap there.

This isn’t meant as a slight at Decker, who is a terrific player.

But to act like the sky is falling because he can’t play, is a bit rash.