Is Goodell’s heavy-hand De Smith’s fault? Dan Leberfeld

Former Oakland Raiders executive Amy Trask, who now works for CBS Sports, blames the union, more than Roger Goodell, for what some consider a heavy-handed approach by the commissioner, when it comes to player discipline.

“We all cherish due process,” said Trask. “We want consistent standards, consistently applied. The union has decried the standards being applied by the league and the manner in which they’re being applied by the league. But we can’t forget the union agreed to this. During the collective bargaining process the union had a tremendous amount of leverage and the ability to say no. But the union didn’t do that… I feel for the players. If I were a player I would say, ‘I want to know what that standards are and I want you to apply them consistently.’ But the player outrage should be directed at the union leadership that agreed to the deal.”