Is this a good idea? Dan Leberfeld

Yesterday, the Jets lined up Calvin Pace and Jason Babin as their starting outside linebackers for a big chunk of practice.

Is this a good idea?

Pace is soon to be 34, and Babin is 34.

Do you really want that kind of age out there at the same time?

Obviously Quinton Coples is also in the mix.

Honestly, it’s a major projection moving Babin to outside linebacker, a position he has never played before. The guy has been a defensive end his entire career. Moving to outside linebacker at this stage of his career can be very tough. He has been pedestrian against the run this summer at his new spot.

Hey, this could work out great for the Jets. We will see.

But when I saw those two players out there together, I just wondered if this was a good idea, in a league that is so much about speed, and seems to be getting younger, especially after the new CBA was signed in 2011.