It’s clear what is going on Dan Leberfeld

It’s now pretty apparent what is going on this year. That was made pretty apparent by Marty Mornhinweg on Thursday

“We need to develop Geno,” Marty Morhinweg said.

There you go.

“Sometimes you have to go through some bad stuff to become great,” Mornhinweg said. “We’re right in the middle of that process and that learning curve.”

So this is about Geno’s learning curve.

I thought this year was about the Jets getting back to the playoffs, after missing the second-season three straight years.

But while they’d obviously like to win, that clearly isn’t the only goal.

“Look we are right in the middle of developing a young quarterback now,” Morhinweg said. “And, we did that last year, we did that last year for a half, we’re over that now, we’re moving. So we are right in the middle of developing a young quarterback. We discuss this, we are going to go through some ups and downs now. When you go through a little bit, you have to motor through it. You have to be pretty tough mentally, and we all have to do that together.”

This is about “developing a young quarterback.”

“We need to develop Geno,” said Morhinweg. “Listen, Geno is going to be just fine. We are going to go through some ups and downs. We have to motor through the dips.”

You have to appreciate Mornhinweg providing the type of clarity that we haven’t been given up until this point.

The Jets are willing to go through some “ups and downs now” and have to “motor through” the development of a young quarterback in 2014.

And it’s clearly hard to win consistently doing that.