Jets aim to keep Rodgers from extending Craig Thomas

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is very good at extending passing plays.

He’s got great feet in the pocket, and a good feel for the pass rush, so he does a nice job of keeping plays alive, waiting for a receiver to come open.

Rex Ryan realizes the Jets need to make sure plays aren’t consistently extended by Rodgers pocket chicanery.

“In an ideal world, yeah, you’d like to get him where you’ve got him contained for sure,” Ryan said. “You don’t want him to extend plays, but that’s hard to do because to do that, you’ve probably got to send a lot of pressure and that leaves you a little more exposed in the back end. If you go four-man rushes, you can only take four lanes. It’s a tough task, but again, it’s one that we’ve worked hard (on). So we’ll see how successful we are at it.”

If they aren’t successful at it, it could be a long day for the Jets’ defense.

But if they can cut down on Rodgers throwing time, this will help the Jets’ cause a great deal.