Jets can’t worry about Mark’s feelings – it’s a business Dan Leberfeld

One of the astonishing number of Jets sources quoted in the Daily News today, said, “Can you imagine if word gets out that we’re trying to get Peyton Manning and then we don’t get Peyton Manning. Then we have to play with Sanchez?”

The Jets can’t worry about this angle.

Mark Sanchez is well aware that Manning is perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time. If he resents the Jets inquiring about Manning, he’s delusional, especially the way the Jets quarterback played last year.

The Jets aren’t the favorites to land Manning, so if they strike out, Sanchez will need to get over it quickly, and focus on his job.

Maybe this will be the wake-up call he needs.

The source of this quote was labeled – “a member of the (Jets) organization.”

I have been covering the Jets for a long time, and I’ve never seen a writer get as many unnamed quotes from players, coaches and executives, as Mehta is getting.

Mehta deserves credit.

But on the other hand, the Jets organization clearly has a problem on it’s hands.