Jets keep “fighting, fighting, fighting” Dan Leberfeld

Q)What can you guys carry over from the New England game to Buffalo?

Quincy Enunwa: We just have to continue to work hard throughout the whole game. We want to make sure we’re always fighting. It’s what we’ve been doing all year, fighting, fighting, fighting. We have to continue to do that for the rest of the year.

Q)What could you tell us about the pass at the end of the game (incomplete) and then the one in overtime (complete)?

Enunwa: The first one, it was my fault. I have to expect the ball at all times. I was running, the ball got up on me faster than I thought and I wasn’t able to make the play. I’m just thankful that Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) came right back to me.

Q)Did the defender get caught up in the wash on the big catch in overtime?

Enunwa: Yes. It was a sort of pick. You could throw to the slant or throw to the out and it just so happened the out was open and I was able to make the play and tried to get as far as I could.

Q)Was the thought of a field goal there on that first drive of overtime?

Enunwa: No, we wanted to score (a touchdown). I think that’s what we always want to do. If a field goal is what’s going to happen, we can’t control that. We just have to keep fighting and fighting.