Jets need to have an open, open-minded QB competition Dan Leberfeld

Mark Sanchez should have a shot at the starting quarterback job for the New York Jets in 2013.

But he needs to win the job in an open quarterback competition, an an open-minded competition. There should be no predetermined outcomes, like in the past.

Marty Morhinweg recently said Sanchez has a “leg-up” in the quarterback competition.

That should not be the case.

Why would he have a “leg-up?” He’s coming off a poor season. And the season before that, wasn’t much better.

The Jets should have a legitimate open competition, throw a blanket over Sanchez, David Garrard, Greg McElroy and perhaps an additional competitor, and may the best man win.

Based on what Mornhinweg and Woody Johnson have said recently, you wonder if they are pulling for Sanchez to beat out the other competitors.

If they are doing that, it will make a lot of people speculate that Mark’s huge salary is impacting this horse race.

And it shouldn’t.