Christopher Johnson must lean on him for QB decision Dan Leberfeld

The Jets have some big decisions coming up at the QB position.

Now Kirk Cousins could make part of that decision for them by signing elsewhere.

But whatever happens for Gang Green at QB, Christopher Johnson, Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles need to lean heavily on their offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates throughout the process.

This cat knows quarterbacks.

He played the position, has coached them forever, and has tutored them at QB camps – he knows whereof he speaks.

Don’t blame him for the struggles of some young quarterbacks recently. That situation was forced on him, and was political football throughout 2017 – Kabuki Theatre.

Bottom line – the Jets need to make sure Bates is on board with their quarterback choices coming up. Whether it’s which veteran QB they end up signing or which QB they draft.

He’s has the top QB-mind at One Jets Drive.

Listen to him closely.