Jets need to learn from Milliner handling Dan Leberfeld

Cornerback Dee Milliner, who has a high ankle sprain, actually played pretty well early in his stint against the Green Bay Packers.

He had good coverage on Jordy Nelson on a pair of plays at end of first half.

But you could see his play slipping the longer he was out there, culminating with an 80-yard touchdown pass to Nelson in the third quarter. He looked very slow chasing Nelson after the catch on this play. There were a lot of yards after the catch. Nelson isn’t faster than Milliner, but he looked much faster on this play.

Milliner pulled himself out of the game after this play.

“I felt good,” Milliner said. “When I first got out there, I was moving around pretty good. I came in at halftime and felt good. But when I went back out towards the end, I felt like it was tightening up a little bit, and that’s when I told Antonio (Allen) he could come in for me.”

Milliner played 40 snaps against the Packers. That was way too much.

And considering Milliner didn’t practice today due to the ankle, the Jets shouldn’t let history repeat itself, and overdue his reps in the Chicago Bears’ game.

If Milliner plays against the Bears on Monday night, keep the reps down.

He’s clearly not 100 percent yet, and won’t be by Monday night.

20-25 reps make more sense.

Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.

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