Jets need to view Giants as just another team Dan Leberfeld

Being around the Jets a lot, I get the sense that some in the building are obsessed with the Giants. So some people at One Jets Drive aren’t very happy right now.

This obsession with the Giants needs to end. I wrote a feature in the latest issue of Jets Confidential (1-800-932-4557 to subscribe or on this website) that pinpointed ten ways the Jets can turn things around. Here is one of those ideas –

“From now on, the Jets need to view the Giants as just another one of 31 other teams in the NFL.
“The Giants are no more important than any other opponent.
“Who cares whose town this is?
“It’s both teams town – both teams have a myriad of fans; there are plenty of fans for both clubs.
“Let Mike Lupica worry about whose town it is.
“It’s such a mindless debate, and the Jets need to stop thinking about it.
“It’s irrelevant, and a distraction.
“Just like all the squabbling over whose stadium it is. It’s both team’s stadium. Now, let’s move on.
“From this point on, the Giants are just another NFL team. Not more important than the Arizona Cardinals or Houston Texans.”