Jets should hire Rob Ryan Dan Leberfeld

The Jets need a linebacker coach.

Why not hire Rob Ryan for the job?

He’s one of the better defensive minds in football.

Everyone is so caught up on it being a distraction.

I think it’s a bad idea to avoid making smart decisions based on the media reaction.

Don’t let the media run your team.

And quite honestly, if they hired him, they should keep him away from the media. Position coaches are only required to talk a couple of times a year. Limit it to that. Just say “no” when all the requests coming flying in. Let him focus on football.

Last time I checked, he’s a terrific defensive coach, a good defensive mind to have around a team.

It doesn’t look like he’s going to land a coordinator job.

So bring him in for a year or two, and let the Ryan brothers whip up some great defensive game plans together.