Jets should keep these systems Dan Leberfeld

There is so much speculation about what the Jets might do after this season – who will stay, who will go.

IMO (“in my opinion” for you non-twitter people), the Jets should keep their offensive and defensive systems. They are sound. Don’t keep throwing new playbooks at players. New England certainly doesn’t do that.

Marty’s offense and Rex’s defense are sound systems. And both guys are solid player-callers.

In fact, Rex’s system is so respected around the league, Kansas City coach Andy Reid wanted it for his Chiefs defense. That is why Reid hired former Jets assistant Bob Sutton to be his defensive coordinator last year.

“He’s a Rex (Ryan) guy and that he knows that defense and that’s a phenomenal scheme,” Reid said. “He was kind of the right hand man for Rex at that time. I competed against that defense for so long as a coach and I really wanted that kind of person and that defense for my defense.”

IMO, whatever changes happen after this season, the Jets need to keep their offensive and defensive playbooks intact.