Jets shouldn’t be used as an ATM Dan Leberfeld

The Jets should not let themselves be used as an ATM by Darrelle Revis and his agents

The agents have some surrogates in the media, and there is already chatter about a Revis return to Florham Park.

Does Revis want to come back to the Jets?

Or does Revis want to make the most money possible?

Probably the latter.

And there is nothing wrong with that, in a free market environment.

Considering Revis now has a ring, something every player seemingly wants, the desire to get paid the most possible increases even more.

Why do you think Justin Tuck signed with the Oakland Raiders last year? With a ring on your finger, players tend not to leave money on the table.

Perhaps the Jets should make a run at Revis, but they can’t let strategic leaks impact their thinking. They can’t let the agents paint them into a corner through the press.

They shouldn’t be browbeat by the agents, and surrogates, into overpaying for a cornerback who will be 30 next season.

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