Jets will have hands full with RB’s Dan Leberfeld

Not only are San Diego’s Ryan Matthews and Mike Tolbert talented runners, but very good receivers.

And the Chargers have been throwing to them a bunch this year.

Why so many passes to the backs?

“[San Diege’s] such a vertical passing attack, you have the deep routes, the deep crossing routes, the deep in-cuts or the straight vertical routes, you have to drop in your zones deep,” said Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. “And I think teams have chosen to take away a lot of those throws from Philip Rivers, but now you’re stuck because now there’s the huge separation between the linebackers and the (running) backs [going out for passes].

“You look at the totals, the leading receiver and third leading receiver are the two running backs, and they’re rarely on the field together. I think that’s just a by-product of teams are kind of choosing, you know what, we’ll bend but don’t break. Because when you look at San Diego, how are they successful? Its chunk plays. I think teams have chosen to take that away from them, and I think as a result the (running) backs are getting more throws.”