Joe Benigno went “Same Old Jets” last week Dan Leberfeld

After the Jets lose to Miami, WFAN’s Joe Benigno had this to say –

“I’m tired of watching this team. The collapses, whether it was ’86, whether it was ’93, 2000, two years ago with Mangini. I’m sick and tired of watching this franchise do the same thing horse, you know what, to us time and time again, and they are doing it again. I had bought into Rex Ryan, bought into this quarterback and I’m getting it right up the ying-yang again.

“One thing we hadn’t seen this year – New England – I don’t call that a ‘Same Old Jets’ game – they got pasted by the best team in football. But yesterday was the first time this year, it was the “Same Old Jets” – (losing to) an inferior opponent.”

If you are so tired of watching the Jets, then stop watching them. And for Benigno to bring up 1986, in relation to one loss 25 years later, is so bankrupt of intellect – it’s embarrassing.

As for you “taking it up the ying-yang,” I’m sure there is a doctor who can help you with that matter.