Douglas isn’t messing around #Jets Dan Leberfeld

Obviously talent is of the utmost importance when acquiring players, but to Jets GM Joe Douglas, player character is just as important.

“I really feel we need to build a foundation moving forward with the right type of people,” Douglas said.

Douglas is obsessed with culture, and a big part of a building a strong culture, is adding players who are wired the right way.

“We are going to try and create the best culture in sports and that all revolves around bringing in the right people,” Douglas said. “I keep talking about commitment and character.”

In Douglas’ opinion, when you bring in players, you can’t just base it on talent.

“We look for player who can not only come in and contribute immediately, but like I have said many times before, fit the culture, to fit the culture that me, Adam, Coach Williams, everyone is putting into place,” Douglas said. “It was important for us to bring those quality players that have the right level of toughness, intelligence, versatility. It was important for us to bring in those type of players, and bring them in on fair market deals.”


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