Marshall’s approval ratings just soared in the locker room Dan Leberfeld

Inside the NFL’s Brandon Marshall had some harsh words for the media on this week’s show.

“We have an epidemic right now and the epidemic is, the clash between our local media and our players,” Marshall said. “In fact, I struggle with it at times I personally think that the media has too much access. Let’s face it, we get out the shower and there’s 10, 15, 20 reporters standing there looking at you waiting to ask you a question while you’re getting dressed. I think it’s too much. I think we’re put in tough positions. And I think we need to figure this thing out.”

Many Jets players clearly don’t enjoy dealing with the press.

So Marshall calling out the media is going to get him a lot of high-fives and fist-bumps in the players’ lounge at One Jets Drive.

His approval rating with his teammates, which was already high, just went up exponentially.

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