Maybe Sanchez should sit Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – Somebody leaked to Manish Mehta that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has torn cartilage in his throwing shoulder.

Perhaps somebody leaked this from his camp so people cut him some slack.

Whatever the reason for the leak, good job by Mehta for getting the story.

But I’m not getting why it’s a slam dunk that Sanchez should start with this injury.

We are talking about a 54 percent passer. Now you throw in torn cartilage in this throwing shoulder, and that unacceptable number could get even worse.

Why is it a given that a quarterback, who hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in the last three games, should start with torn cartilage in his throwing shoulder?

With all due respect, we aren’t talking about Tom Brady or Drew Brees.

And the other issue will be the limited reps in practice Sanchez gets because of the injury. Quite honestly, he’s an inconsistent young quarterback who needs every rep possible during the week.

The Jets need to make the right decision here, not worry about PR.

With Sanchez bum shoulder, does he give you a better chance to win than a healthy Kellen Clemens or Mark Brunell?

I’m not sure you can say that categorically.