Memo to Glat – Jets need leader, not just a draft-board stacker Dan Leberfeld

The decision the Jets are contemplating now is so, so important.

And if they make a mistake, there could be a long stretch of mediocrity in the offing.

But while it’s important to pick a GM with a good eye for talent, the analysis of the candidate can’t stop there.

The Jets’ next GM can’t just be a guy who knows how to stack a draft board well.

He needs to be a leader, a person with vision, not just a guy with a long scouting background.

The Jets are in dire need of a powerful figure, with strong leadership ability, to lead them out of the wilderness.

So when Woody Johnson, Neil Glat, Ira Axelsrad and Jed Hughes make the huge decision on who the next GM is, they better put a huge emphasis on the person’s ability to lead.

Don’t pick a mealymouthed “yes” man with a weak persona.